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Evros is for many people unexplored and quite far from the major urban centers of Greece in order to decide to visit at any time of the year. There are few times when you will hear the permanent residents of the county complain that Evros is to some extent neglected in relation to other areas.We would say that they are right as they are the capital of the prefecture, Alexandroupolis has stolen the top in both traffic and development. Evros does not stop there. It reaches Soufli, Orestiada and even more. It is our country’s natural border with Bulgaria and Turkey.

The Magical Evros area

We loved Evros and tried to enjoy as much as he has to give us. Two winters and two summers have passed in Evros so far. Who knows about the future! Starting from Soufli we traveled to its most unlikely places. We recommend them, with eyes closed. Castles, sunsets, vultures and many more create a great tale that we hope will enchant you like us.

Alexandroupoli and its Lighthouse

Alexandroupoli, apart from the capital of Evros, is also a city with intense social life. Full restaurants and beautiful cafes that sprang from each on its narrow streets. You will rarely find the center empty. People there know how to get along well, have fun and take off on the coastal and not just of the city.It has a wide variety of five hotels that attract mainly Bulgarians and Turks. A tourist destination, that is, for the inhabitants of the north as its coast covers a huge area. What distinguishes Alexandroupolis is its lighthouse. Trademark for the city, the 27 meter high lighthouse that stands imposing in the harbor. A photograph with him is imposed!

Daytrip to Delta of Evros

Evros has some of the most important wetlands in the country. The Evros Delta is located close to Alexandroupolis. A miracle of nature that has for years kept the balance of the habitats, flora and fauna of the region.Evros Delta National Park Management Organization organizes delta tours and provides visitors with a wide range of information to understand how important a particular wetland is for Greece and for Europe as a whole. We got in the mini bus and waited for our individual binoculars that allowed us to clearly see the different bird species in the area.As we walked slowly with the van, our tour guide explained that on one side the water was sweet and the other salty. A mix that also has its meaning. At the end of the road we were waiting for a boat that traveled us to the wetland.Its depth at some points was less than one meter. As we were told, the ideal time to visit the Evros Delta is either autumn or spring where the colors of the palette are bright orange and red. (Ticket price: EUR 10 per person).

delta of evros

Evros, Melia and the windmills

Have you heard of a small village called Melia located in Evros? And if you heard it you know it has fewer than 100 permanent residents? A little dot of the hamlet waiting to be discovered. You will tell us why I should visit it since my choices are few? We hear you, but we will tell you that on the hill with the windmills you will enjoy the most enchanting sunset of Evros. You can rest on the benches that surround you, have a barbecue and breathe clean oxygen.


The vultures live in Evros, in the Forest of Dadia

In the Forest of Dadia there are some of the rarest species of birds in Greece and Europe (such as Mavrogypas, Ornius and Asproparis). The observatory can be reached either by following footpaths or by mini bus. The paths are of different difficulty and diffusion time. There is the yellow, orange, red and blue paths. You weigh your physical and mental powers and choose the ideal path for you.The forest is full of pine trees and oak trees that make the landscape unique. Evros is all the beauty of those who know how to see them. Before climbing you can watch a short video about the vultures and how much they help to balance the region’s fauna. You can find more information in our detailed article here.

dadia evros

Time to speak for castles, the Castle of Didymoteicho

The Castle is anchored in the hill Kale, located in the town of Didymoteichos. The walls that have been saved to this day are one kilometer long, and their history reaches the depths of time. 24 towers are spread into the castle, a unique masterpiece. A walk will compensate you because the view from above is stunning. In the city of Didymoteicho you can relax and drink your coffee in the best cafe of the town named Zamantha. A unique place that offers a welcoming environment and a breathtaking view.


Walk in nature from the village of Kyriaki to Small Dereio

The route from the village of Kyriaki to Small Dereio is an eye harbor. In the trees, the tributaries and the small bridges. Dereio is very close to the Greek-Bulgarian border, a breath away from the Pomakochoria. Evros is a blessed place where everyday life of people is so different from any other cities in Greece. Christians and Muslims coexist in the best possible way. An embrace is made and the gifts of this place are rejoicing.

dereio evros

Swimming in Evros?  Of course, on the beach of Dikella!

Dikella beach is located in Alexandroupolis and attracts many tourists and locals every year. The permanent residents of Evros choose this area for their exotic residence and for their summer holidays. There you will enjoy your diving in the sea and you will taste the most delicious fish.

Evros has a lot to show you and give you.

You bled for a trip to Evros?


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