13 things to do in Kos

Kos for me is an important chapter of my life because I stayed there for 5 whole years. It is known as the island of Hippocrates, the birthplace of the father of Medicine. A hospitable and lively island waiting to be discovered all year round! The countless beaches, the beautiful villages and the old town make up the scenery of the island.

Explore the island from side to side

If you have only a few days to enjoy the island then you will need a quick list of things you should not miss.

1.  The historic center of the city, where everyone gathers there to drink his coffee. Walk in the Old Town and buy your souvenirs from the small shops you will find in the narrow streets. You can drink your coffee at the Temple on the main square or on the beach at Premiera. If you want something different you can enjoy Greek coffee and sweet tomato spoon in Neratzia! A cute little shop near Hippocrates’ Platanos.

2. Rent a bicycle and see the city with another look. You will really enjoy the European standards of cycling roads.

3.  Start your day from Ariston (also known as “Tsivrini”). There you will have a bougatsa with cream or cheese. But you must go early because after 11 you will find no crumb.

4.  Visit the seaside villages, Tigaki and Marmari. Enjoy your swim in the sea and taste the famous Rose Cafe Bar pizza. Then, at noon eat your fish in the village of Mastihari. From this village and its port, you can go to Kalymnos. More about Kalymnos in our article here!

beach tam tam kos

Tam Tam beach

Zia, for romantic moments

5. In Zia, you will dedicate your afternoon hours. After you make your swim on one of the beautiful beaches of the island, you will ascend to the village of Zia. We suggest you be there early in order to see the unique sunset. Once you pose and take your photos, you can enjoy your coffee or homemade lemonade in Zia’s Watermill. Pleasant environment with courteous staff and great views. In addition to your coffee, here you can taste special dishes at Orometon tavern.

sunset zia

Sunset in Zia

Kefalos blue and green waters

6.  We arrived halfway and we have a lot to see. It’s time for beautiful Kefalos. A unique place on the island, since it undoubtedly has the best beaches to find in Kos. Visit the beach of Agios Stefanos with its crystal blue waters. You will really love this place and the beauty it offers. Make your bath and test yourself to swim up to the small chapel.

7.  Another beach of Kefalos quite famous but inaccessible, Cavo Paradiso. There you will enjoy a beach that has nothing to jealous of what you see on the exotic islands.

8. A thrilling experience is visiting Haihoutes, a ruined village with abandoned homes. Inside the wilderness, you will find a unique traditional café. Graphic with great food! Ideal place to be with your friends.

xaixoutes village Kos

Village Haihoutes

9.  Back to the city to see the Castle that dominates the city center. Impressive with large palm trees around and talented artists out there who exhibit their works. You pose as a model and take your own portrait or caricature.

10.  You can enjoy the Roman House or Casa Romana under the August full moon. Her architecture will take you to another era. You will admire the luxury of the Roman villa with its mosaic designs and the excellent setting of the rooms. This is a tangible depiction of the way of life and coexistence of the Romans.

11.  A visit to Platani is required. It is a small picturesque small village full of shops with Turkish cuisine. Try East food in Arap and buy your sweets from Pastry called Tradition and you will remember us.

12.  If you’re in the center again, you can eat in the Antona’s tavern. From the outside, it will not fill your eye but its food worth it! We recommend that you order a nice variety, salad, and saganaki. Uh, I am hungry!

13.  Take the opportunity to take a day trip to Turkey’s coasts. Kos has located a short distance from Bodrum of Turkey. The boats from the harbor leave every morning and return in the afternoon. You can shop at the bazaar, see the Castle and Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, or stroll on the beach.

13 things to do in Kos 1

The view from Zia


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