Trip to London, 3 days itinerary!

Most of you have heard or seen with your own eyes that millions of people are moving to London daily. The rhythms of life are really crazy. However, the aura of London is unique. The permanent gray of the sky gives a distinct look to the buildings, the trees even in the air. Despite the gray and dullness, life in London is so lively and active. A city that never sleeps! Offers infinite choices for fun, walking around and eating. Countless corners you have to see and spend your day.
Christos and I have been in London, the capital of England, both solo and together! In this article, we have gathered our experiences and recorded the parts that you should not miss out on anything! In fact, you will find a program of activities that you can follow if you plan to stay in London for only 3 days.
If, again, you are not sure about this trip, then give yourself an opportunity to discover some good reasons to start organizing your trip or to visit another part of England. Get an idea here!

First Day

buckingham palace london

Buckingham’s Palace

We suggest you start your day early in the morning so you have time to go for a long walk. Eat a rich English breakfast, put your most comfortable shoes and let’s go to discover London. First stop, Buckingham Palace, where it is the home of the Royal Monarchy. It is an imposing building with huge gates encircled by the Royal Guard and many police officers. Of course, you can also see its interior if you want it.

Green Park

Getting out of the subway and just before you find yourself in the palace you will have the opportunity to cross a small cute park, Green Park! Green with tall trees and many English people lying on the grass. If the day is, of course, sunny, we must admit that we were lucky for it.

Saint James’s Park

Continuing walking you will find yourself in St. James’s Park. A wonderful park with colorful flowers and a small lake in the middle. You will meet various birds and ducks. The oldest royal park with an area of 230 acres. It is worthwhile to walk around and “taste” the scents that nature gives.

st james park london

St James Park

Westminster Palace & Big Ben

When we talked about comfortable shoes, we meant it! Now it’s time for Westminster Palace and Big Ben! Where the heart of the city hits! Westminster Palace is home to the parliament of England. Built with a neo-Gothic design that makes the building imposing and majestic. At the edge of the palace, you will see the famous Big Ben or “Great Bell”, which is one of London’s most popular places. Ideal place to take classic photos with red phone booths and red double-decker buses!

westminster palace

Westminster Palace and Big Ben

big ben london

Big Ben

London Bridge

Walk next to the Thames, the Central London River and head for London Bridge. On your way you will meet a crowd of people shopping in the shops, enjoying their food or coffee or watching the traveling artists. Singers, painters, jugglers capture the look of passers-by and offer a live spectacle.
One stop at the Borough Market is a must! There you will taste food from all over the world. Chinese, Mexican, Indian, whatever your appetite draws. Wonderful colors and smells overflow from everywhere. After enjoying your food and walking, you will see the London Bridge. A hanging movable bridge 265 meters. You can visit its two towers and see the view of London from above.

london bridge

At London’s Bridge

London Bridge

London’s Bridge from a closer look


We suggest with closed eyes to drink your cocktail at Sky Garden. The view is awesome and the scenic simply does not exist! Prices are reasonable and service is satisfactory. You can stroll all the way and enjoy London from the 35th floor!
Approved Tip: Make sure to book several days before! They also have a dress code in logical contexts!

Second Day

British Museum

It is a huge building with rich well-preserved exhibits from all over the world. In fact, you will see many different civilizations coming alive in front of your eyes. The Greek part of the museum is a particular thrill. A question is born. Why are parts of a great culture trapped in foreign hands? Why do not they return home?
In order to get inside, you will experience strict control while the entrance is free of charge.

Stroll through 3 central London squares

The first stop is the Convent Garden! There, you will drink your coffee and you will look to the traditional small shops that are around the square.
Then walk to Leicester Square to admire dozens of cinemas and theaters with impressive projections and shows respectively.
Piccadilly Circus is known for its huge giant screens with impressive advertisements. It is a focal point that you can’t miss.
In the last two squares, you will find plenty of shops for drinks, coffee, food. Scenes of live shows, clubs, pubs and everything else that attracts you and your wallet. The nightlife of London is beating here.
Approved Tip: Do not miss the musicals of the London scene. Book your ticket and enjoy unique moments with great ballets and great performances. We chose the Musical Thriller with “Michel Jackson”. Just, super!

Shopping around

If you are looking for places to buy your gifts, then you have to take your stroll to Carnaby Street and Oxford Circus!

Third Day

Camden Town

We left for the end one of our favorite corners. An alternative area with outdoor markets and awesome street food. We are talking about Camden Town, a different side of London. Camden is crossed by the Regent’s Canal, where you can go boating. It is a busy place with small shops, concert venues and gothic shops.
You can taste flavors from all over the world and walk through the narrow streets with colorful shops. There you will find various things to buy at very good prices.

camden town london

Take a walk at Camden Town

Hyde Park

Here you will need several hours to discover it. Endless green areas and large lakes all over the place. True magic! One of the most beautiful parks we have ever been. An oasis of green in the center of a big city. It is worth walking the entire park, from one end to another. Somewhere between the trees, Kensington Palace will spring out. A building of unique beauty.

hyde park london

Magical Hyde Park

Notting Hill

A walk in Notting Hill will amaze you! It’s like walking around Ekali in Athens! Magnificently well-kept buildings with beautiful flowers in the windows and gardens. The streets are clean, filled with small shops, where you can drink your coffee or enjoy your meal.  Portobello Market with many different shops and antiques is also worth seeing.
Approved Tip: Spend your Saturday morning in Portobello!

These were three full days of London! Have a nice trip!


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