48 hours in Leicester

We talked about this trip for a long time! The reason is that our two dear friends have moved there. They have chosen to live, work and share their lives in Leicester.

leicester town center

Leicester City

A few words for the city

Leicester is a relatively small town in the UK with 330,000 inhabitants. The architecture of the city is typical of England. The buildings are tall, almost colorless, tangled with colorful shops, pubs, and restaurants.
The rhythm of life has nothing to do with London, of course. Everything there gives you the impression that they are moving at a slower pace, in a subdued setting. People from all the tribes of the world gathered in one region. If you are wondering why Leicester is known, I would definitely tell you about its multiculturalism. People of different cultures and origins coexist harmoniously.

Ready for a walk?

It is worthwhile walking in the streets to listen to the pulse. Especially, if the weather is grateful to you and it doesn’t rain or doesn’t even grind. We walked to the New Walk pedestrian street and turned all of the Highcross shopping malls. We drank our hot chocolate and looked the shops! We loved the aromatic colorful soaps.

leicester town

Leicester city center

Oh, these green parks!

Leicester, like almost all of England, has wonderful parks. Of course, we did not miss the chance to walk to Victoria Park. A green park with squirrels! The awesome thing is that while it was raining people continued joking and playing rugby! For them, it is like, another day in the winter. The dull weather in England is something you expect to face. It is the trademark! Christos is mad to live and breathe in these weather conditions. I am again a child of the sun and the sea.

leicester forest

The park next to our house

victoria park leicester

At Victoria Park

Visiting the University of Leicester

We were fortunate to wander both outdoors and indoors at Leicester University. Wonderful spaces, European standards with all the comforts for people working or studying there. If you think how we’ve managed to get in, we’ll let you know that our friend Vangelis is working at one of the University’s laboratories.

library university leicester

The library of the University


Eating at Nando’s! There the chicken has its honor! A restaurant with many foods and drink options. Space is pleasant and spacious. Generally, though, in the center, you will find many food shops from around the world!

The nightlife

Leicester has an intense nightlife, especially on weekends! The stores are full and the music plays loud. From early on, young people swoop in the streets with a fast pace and intense voices. Our Saturday night starts from a pub! We were in Leicester, how could we lose it?
We chose Brewdog! When you put your foot inside you can smell the strong smell of beer. We got a variety of beers and it was super! As for the prices were very affordable. But your time in a pub ends early! Around 12, the lights opened so we had to leave.
We unquenchable! We continued for the next shop! The Revolution! A beautifully decorated shop with a wide variety of drinks and cocktails. It was full and everyone was dancing freely. We drank our drink and got a taste of the nightlife in Leicester. In the later hours, we returned home.
The next day we enjoyed our breakfast all together and took the road to the bus! Destination London where we would stay for one day!


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