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We are Christos and Marianna, or Greeknomads. A couple living to plan their next destination! From the very first day of our “closest” acquaintance, the debate that monopolized the interest was our need and our shared love for travel! You know … the trips that give you unique experiences and unlimited happiness in your life. Places with culture and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. We explore every corner of the earth by finding the places that a local would choose and spend his time. Enjoy, as a local they say, even with a limited budget! The biggest bet for us is to transmit you all the benefits of traveling! Joy, Happiness, Love, Experiences!

Live your TravelMyth with #GreekNomads!

The GreekNomads
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Marianne Galani

Marianna is the inquiring mind of GreekNomads. I have come to the conclusion that she is mad to work or do something constantly. If you see her immobile for over half an hour, Houston we’ve got a problem! She loves to organize everything in order and has an inexhaustible talent to do everything perfectly. She can visit or live comfortably in any part of the world because she enjoys living simply with few things! Give her sun, sea, fresh air and crisp potatoes with oregano! I have not seen another human on earth eat so many potato chips. Finally, she will be the communications manager and the main photographer of our blog, since she is an upcoming talent!


Christos Tsokantas

If you want Christos to communicate with the same excitement he has when he talks about the places he has visited, you only have to talk about sports and especially basketball since he is in the courts as an athlete from 10 years old. He loves to spend his free time watching endless videos on Youtube, especially cooking. When he has an appetite, you will see him in the kitchen creating what moved his curiosity, since apart his passion for travel, he has another one, good food! Inpatient and impulsive to the point he closes the trips without asking me, you will probably learn them before me!


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«Είκοσι χρόνια από τώρα θα είστε πιο απογοητευμένοι από τα πράγματα που δεν κάνατε παρά από αυτά που κάνατε»
– Mark Twain –