Natural Hot Springs at Therma Beach

Kos, the cosmopolitan island of the Aegean, with endless bicycle paths and tourists from all over Europe. I have so much to say about this island that gave me unforgettable summers. But I am concentrating on my thoughts to perfectly capture our experience at Therma Kos as they are known.

Last minute decision

I’m sure it has happened to you too to change your plans for how you will spend the night, at last minute, isn’ it? However, we do it all the time! With a couple of good friends, we had occupied the beach of Agios Fokas until late at night playing cards. Everything seemed to end up for a relaxed drink in one of the bars of the old town. But not! The idea fell on the table by Anna and the team was immediately reorganized! We did not get late because the beach of Agios Fokas is 5-10 minutes away from the Therma Kos.

The experience of thermal springs

I can not hide that I was not sure if I would go into a lake with a temperature of 40 degrees without seeing where I go and swim! The landscape with the tall rocks and the steep slopes created by the volcanic eruptions, with my desire to dare it, made the EXPERIENCE of my life!

Hot springs with hot water made you feel great, you did not really want to go out! The perfect combination of hot and cold water. Seawater enters from one end of the lake and offers you some coolness if you can not stand the hot water anymore. We stayed there for about two hours with a single light of the moon. Unforgettable Moments!

Some tips before you find yourself in this little paradise:

  • Choose a dark swimsuit because the water contains sulfur and is likely to yellow the light fabrics
  • Dare the evening dive as the high temperatures of the day do not help. This, of course, if you are there in the summer!
  • Get yourself into the cold water of the sea immediately after the warm experience of the hot springs. The temperature difference wakes up every sensation and also helps to remove the slight smell left by the substances of the thermal springs.
  • Buy water or anything else you want to drink or have in the evening since there is no open shop/canteen to visit near the Therma Kos.

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