Kalymnos, the island of sponge-harvesters

Kalymnos is the fourth largest island of the Dodecanese with a great tradition in the processing and marketing of sponges. Its soil is barren and rocky. The island offers alternative tourism for climbers and scuba enthusiasts. Indeed, it is an international climbing destination since it has some of the most beautiful routes.

Pothia of Kalymnos

We were in Kalymnos on the 15th of August and we spent three beautiful days with friends. We arrived at the port of the island, in Pothia, with the ferry boat from Kos to Kalymnos.
Pothia is the capital of the island built on the slopes of two opposite hills. Particularly scenic, since the houses are colorful and with the characteristic island architecture. You can walk in narrow streets and buy your souvenirs. But we quickly separated Pothia and we took the road to the hotel.

boat kalymnos

In the ship with view at Kalymnos’s port

Our stay

For our stay, we chose Kalyspo Studios, which is 50 meters from the nearest beach. It offers spacious rooms with great views to the island of Telendos. Of course, we did not miss the chance to get on the balcony and take our swim in the pool. The accommodation is located in Myrties, a seaside settlement. In the surrounding area, you will find plenty of food and coffee and beverage places.

kalypso hotel kalymnos

Outside our room

Food of Kalymnos

Our suggestion for good food with a view is the Aegean Tavern. Excellent restaurant in Masuri with incredible portions. There, really, you will enjoy your food. Special flavors and combinations make up the menu. The portions are big enough and careful. Whatever we tried was great. As for the view, the words are unnecessary. The sunset is breathtaking. Telendos is unique. Approved Tip: Make your reservation the day before because it’s always full. Ask for a table on the balcony to be stunned by the wonderful view.

Aegean Tavern

Aegean Tavern

Visit Telendos

Μαγευτική Τέλενδος

Telendos Port

Telendos was once united with Kalymnos but a great earthquake in 535 AD. contributed to the separation. It is small in size with few permanent residents. Its soil is barren and rough. No trace of a car and just 750 meters from Kalymnos. The transportation is done by caiques starting from the harbor, in Myrties. The ticket is only 2 euros and in ten minutes you are across. It is ideal for alternative tourism and moments of relaxation.We walked to the beachfront shops and sat down to eat in a small tavern on the sea. We ate seafood and traditional dishes in a family-like business. The restaurant is called Kapsouli and we recommend it unreservedly.

telendos island

View of Telendos

A walk to Vathi of Kalymnos

The route from one region to another is quick and enjoyable. You have the chance to admire the high mountains and the view of the sea. The roads are slightly steep, so you have to be careful. You will cross small traditional villages and arid areas. However, the port of Rina in Vathi will compensate you. The port has the reputation as the Fiord of Rinas. Around the narrow bay, there are steep cliffs and small boats. In addition, you can visit the taverns around the harbor.

vathi rina

Fiords of Rina

We, on the other hand, chose the adventure! We rented canoe along with all the equipment and left to discover the hidden beaches and caves of the area. The scenic had a lot of laughter as it was our first time, we didn’t even know how to keep the paddle. Finally, we did it and reached one of the beaches, where we enjoyed our bathing.

Last day!

Our last day in Kalymnos was full of walks in the straits of Pothia, and an endless card game at the cafes of the harbor. But before we board the boat to return to Kos, we made a stop for the island’s most famous sweet “galaktoboureko” of Michalaras! Great taste, do not miss!

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