Boat Trip to Chalkidiki, an experience to remember!

With so many stories we had heard about the golden beaches and the hidden bays of the second leg of Halkidiki, we rented a boat, and it finally turned out to be the culmination of our holidays!

Boat rent with Dream Swim

So we rented a small boat from Dream Swim with a 30hp 4stroke engine (ideal for 5-6 people), which we strongly recommend. Super service and generally an awesome team. Starting from Vourvourou in Chalkidiki, we started on the blue waters and the island of the Diaporos.

dream swim vourvourou

Marianna with Dream Swim on the way for Diaporos

An unforgettable experience, the waters were really blue and clear. Your eye did not last endlessly blue and green! We did not miss the moment, we anchored, we immediately wore masks, snorkels and dipped like little children in the water. At least an hour and a half we repeated the same. That’s how you explain the sunburn we all got after!

Hidden treasures exploring

With our captain and beloved friend, Vangelis, we bowed from Blue Lagoon for Etia, Lagonissi, Kalogria and Panagia bay. Beaches that are accessible from the land as well as from other small creeks that you reach only by the sea. Every stop and endless play, laughs, joys, teasing! Beaches with green and blue waters and others with dark blue. You really found what you loved.

blue lagoon chalkidiki

Blue Lagoon or Blue Waters in Halkidiki

An unforgettable experience not only for the natural scenery and the joy that gave us playing all day but because when you have good friends near you, they take off every feeling!

We have captured our memories in every creek, every little church that was on the rocks, every moment of our trip literally!

Looking at the beauties of Greece

Looking at the beauties of Greece

The boat trip to Chalkidiki has not only filled us with experiences but also sea treasures! Shells and the famous Pina, which arrived safely to Soufli!

pinna vourvourou

Our Pina

boat rental dream swim

Captain Chris in action

dream swim boat

Off to the next trip

If you are still wondering if it is worth spending a little more money for a day in the sea, we believe that the photos give the answer!


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