Day Trip to Dadia Mountain of Evros

In mid-August, having chosen Soufli as our base, we started exploring the natural treasures of Evros. So, we decided to make creative use of our Saturday on an excursion to the Forest of Dadia Evros.

Walking at Dadia Mountain

Walking at Dadia Forest

Dadia-Leukimi-Soufli Forest

So we started with excitement, with me a little more excited than Christos, to discover the Dadias-Lefkimis-Soufliou National Park. A recognized biotope for the diversity of its predators, most notably Mavroypas, Aspropari, and Ornio. In total, 36 bird species, 166 species of birds, 60-65 species of mammals and 13 species of reptiles and amphibians coexist. Flora with 360-400 kinds of plants is also a strong presence.

Arriving in the village of Dadia, just 10-15 minutes from Soufli, we saw beautiful traditional houses with the most of their own boots. 800 m from the center of the village square is the Information Center. There is a journey to get to know the park and its rich habitat. A beautifully decorated room with photographic material and willing staff to solve any questions you may expect. We watched a short video about the history and species of the forest and we chatted with other visitors.

After paying the price of just 4 euros per person, we were ready to board on the van that would take us to the birds. There we had all the necessary equipment from binoculars, telescopes, etc. We managed to see one of the three birds, Asproparis. The tour guide was excellent and kept us warm during our stay.

Outside the Observatory in Dadia Forest

Outside the Observatory in Dadia Forest

dadia np forest observation post

Inside the Observatory in Dadia Forest

Finally green sight and oxygen

The journey through the Dadia Forest gave us peace of mind, the harmony of thought and emotions. Oxygen filled our lungs. With 428,000 acres of green, hosting the flora and fauna that neither you nor ourselves imagined, they rank Dadia Forest as one of the most important protected areas on a national, European and international level.

dadia np nature forest

View from the Observatory

Coming to the starting point, you can enjoy coffee in a cute cafe or buy various gifts for yourself or for your loved ones at fairly affordable prices from the Information Center’s shop.

Admittedly a special experience that sensitizes the attitude towards nature and the protected species that the planet is hiding. We gave our promise that next time we will find the other species! Will you organize your own excursion to Dadia Forest, Evros?


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