Trip to Belgrade!

Almost a step from Greece lies Belgrade. The capital of Serbia is a city that has entered the tourist map in recent years, gaining the importance it deserves. A trip to Belgrade will fascinate you and will relax you from everyday life.

Belgrade is situated at the confluence of the rivers Danube and Savoy and in Serbian means white town. It is an attractive city with strong and active nightlife. It is not surprising that the historical capital and largest city of Serbia continuously attracts young travelers who are looking to enjoy themselves.

My trip this was last February and I had the pleasure to stay there for 4 days. After a comfortable flight, I took the bus and left directly for the B&B that I had booked.

My hotel…

Entering the small Smokvica B & B I was amazed by the warmth and friendliness of the staff. They brought me a very nice aperitif and then led me to my room as if I were at a 5 * hotel. A very nice and modern room, with all the comforts that someone needs. After a short break, I left my room to explore the city.Smokvica B&B Room

Smokvica B&B Room

The “must” things to do in Belgrade…

In this section, I will describe what you should not miss during your visit. You can walk around it all comfortably even on foot, just like I did or use the buses, the tram, and the taxis.

  • Fortress Kalemegdan is a fortress but at the same time, maybe the best park in Belgrade. After you walk through the beautiful park and enjoy the green and the colors of the flowers from the landscape you will reach the castle. Impressive and surrounded by chariots and guns. Relax with your walk in the castle, admire the architecture and enjoy the magnificent view of the Danube and Sava River. Throughout the day the castle is full of tourists and locals who enjoy views. In the evening many locals gather and spend their evening with beers and music.
  • Combining your walk in the castle is a perfect opportunity to walk the Belgrade main street the famous Knez Mihailova. It is a street that is the “home” of many cultural points. Hotels, shops and full of countless cafes and restaurants. It should be stressed here that this street and the surrounding area have been designated as protected cultural heritage sites.
  • Since we are here in the center, let’s go to Republic Square. Here you can visit the National Museum, the National Theater and also take a memorial photo with Prince Mihailo statue.

City Centre


Outside Of Kalemegdan

Two sightseeing you can’t miss

  • Our next stop is the Nicola Tesla Museum. Before I made the trip to Belgrade I wanted to visit it to see it but in any case, I did not expect it to be one of the most interesting pieces of my trip. The museum is dedicated to the great physicist Nicola Tesla, where much of his work and personal items are exposed. On your visit, you will be informed about his life and his enormous offer. Although it is a small museum, the experiment that takes place and in which the visitor takes part is an unprecedented experience. You will put your hand on electricity (do not be afraid) and like other “Jedi” you will get a lamp and thanks to your body you will produce light! The ticket is very cheap somewhere in the 250 dinars and you can visit it Tuesday through Sunday.
  • Finally, a monument that stands out for its size and should not be missed is St. Savvas Temple. It is perhaps the most imposing building in Belgrade, the largest temple in the Balkans and among the five largest in the world. The construction of the temple was made exclusively with offers, while it is speculated that it was built at the site where Saint Savvas was buried. Today the church is outdoors, but there is still much to be done inside. The purpose is to fill the interior with mosaics, samples of which you can see at the entrance of the temple.

Church of Saint Sava

Where to eat and drink (The super deals)

Because, we are tired from the walks, we should also eat something. I want you to know that I always suggest things that I have tried it myself. I try to combine economic and quality but at the same time visit places as a local.

Coffee: For your coffee, i will suggest you to beautiful places that you will love them. The first one is called Blaznavac Kafe where you will drink your coffee or your fresh lemonade which I highly recommend. Another coffee place that you will love is Uzitak. For all of us, the coffee lovers are the right spot to sit and enjoy a nice and quality coffee. Furthermore, it is a cafe that a lot of locals come to work, read their book or chill out with friends.

Food: As far as your food, I would definitely recommend visiting the B & B I was staying at! The Smokvica B & B is the best and most economical choice for dining if you ever make your own trip to Belgrade. To give you a sense of how much a full meal cost me, it was just 13 euros! Do you not believe me? The proofs in the photo …

Food Smokvica

Smokvica restaurant

Another choice to eat is Lorenzo & Kakalamba, which will give you exciting not only for the food but also the design of the area. A special restaurant for food, good wine, quick and friendly service. I would suggest here to try the perfect risotto!

Where to drink in Belgrade

As I said at the beginning, Belgrade is a city with intense nightlife, and for those who are looking for such entertainment, they are in the right place. So I would suggest that you drink your cocktail at Cruise, right next to the river where it is the center of Serbian nightlife. Finally, I suggest you take a stroll to the famous Passengers Bar. Cheap and quality, with many beers, wines, and drinks, a well-hidden treasure worth to visit. Cheers!

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Bon voyage !!!



  1. 20/01/2018 / 13:20

    The Serbian capital looks like a fantastic place to visit. Great post with some lovely photos.

    • greeknomads
      20/01/2018 / 22:41

      Yes, it is Tim! You should definitely put it on your schedule. A beautiful and same time a fairly cheap and quality destination.

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