Prague, the mother of cities

For us, this was a very special trip, since Prague was the first place we visited as a couple. It was early 2016 and for a new start, we could not choose a better place. Prague is a fairytale city, taken out of our children’s dreams. It has so many things to do and see that you will never get bored.

The popularity of Prague as one of the most popular tourist destinations does not show signs of decline. The cost of living and its choices (history, architecture, entertainment, etc.) make it particularly attractive. Our trip there lasted a week and we can find over 10 reasons for you to visit it. We will recommend things to you and all you have to do is arrange to go!

Our stay

Prague knows to take care of its guests. There are plenty of hotels, B&Bs, apartments, and botels. For our stay, we have chosen the Corinthia Hotel, one of the best we have stayed until today. It is next to the metro so we have saved valuable time and walking! This particular hotel although luxurious is also an economical choice. If you are proactive, you book early to save enough money.

corinthia prague hotel pool

Corinthia Hotel the pool on 26th floor

Explore Prague

As we have told you, Prague has a long history. It is one of the few European cities that have remained relatively untouched during the world wars. There are many old buildings with beautiful frescoes. It contains one of the oldest and varied collections of architecture worldwide, from Baroque to Revival to Art Nouveau.

Vysehrad Castle

A historic castle with a splendid view of Prague built on the hill beside the Vltava River. In addition to the castle, you can see the church of St Peter and Paul and the Vysehrad cemetery.

Prague’s Castle

You should not lose that place. Impeccably preserved, it fully represents the history of the city. Approved Tip: It’s better to be here early in the morning to avoid crowds and enjoy everything that has to give you.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle

St Vitus Cathedral

An attraction that you will combine with your walk in Prague Castle. It is one of the most dazzling cathedrals in the world with unique architecture. The entrance is free but only if you stay in the entry area.

St Vitus

St Vitus Cathedral

Charle’s Bridge

An attraction that you will combine with your walk in Prague Castle. It is one of the most dazzling cathedrals in the world with unique architecture. The entrance is free but only if you stay in the entry area.

charles bridge greeknomads

Charle’s Bridge

Prague’s Astronomical Watch

One of the oldest and most functional roots (dating back to the 14th century) is located in the city center.

astronomical watch

Astronomical Watch

The Dancing House

The house that is dancing, one of Prague’s most characteristic points for photography. It is an architectural miracle designed by Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunic. It fully represents modern art and worths seeing.
Approved Tip: You can also have your coffee on the 7th floor.

The Dancing House

The Dancing House

Other important spots:

  1.  Powder Tower
  2.  Lennon Wal
  3.  Franz Kafka Head
  4.  Danube River Cruise
  5.  Day trip to Karlovy Vary

Food and coffee in Prague

As always, we will suggest places where you should spend your time as we have tried it first. “Dobrá chuť k jídlu” (Bon appetit)!

Coffee: Start with Cafe Louvre in which you will feel like kings. Classy design, courteous service, and great choices for sweets. Approved Tip: The best hot chocolate we have ever drunk. So was the waffles. Try it and then send us your photos and impressions.

We continue with the chocolate paradise Choco Cafe U Cervene Zidle. Huge variety of chocolates and fresh delicious cakes. Approved Tip: Do not forget to taste the delicious carrot cake!

Food: The restaurant Lehka Hlava is purely for vegetarians. We searched closely and tried something different for the first time. We recommend it because we finally enjoyed it and we will come back!
Next stop the Lokal a traditional Czech restaurant. A hangout for the locals who serves traditional food and fine beers. Yes, beers you will drink them even in the winter. Approved Tip: We recommend it with closed eyes.
Our last choice was an Italian restaurant, Pizza Nuova. One week we ate gulas and drank beer so we wanted something different!

Approved Tip: Remember to try the traditional sweet Trdelnik!


Traditional sweet of Prague Trdelník

These from us for Prague. Stay tuned to discover the rest of the Czech Republic.


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