5 of the best Christmas markets in Europe

Christmas markets in Europe are a must. Europe is an ideal destination for Christmas, since it has cities that can turn into a fairy-tale scenery for both young and old. The time has come to find out what are the European destinations for Christmas that we have discovered! Everyone will enjoy carefree moments and the most unforgettable Christmas ever.

Best Christmas markets in Europe

No, it’s not Prague, Budapest or Paris as you would reasonably imagine! Let’s go to somewhere more alternative!

Bucharest and Santa Grotto

Romania, and more specifically Bucharest, is a destination that is constantly attracting more and more visitors. Christmas, however, takes on another air, since a Christmas market is emerging, the so-called Santa Grotto. Benches are set up from one end of the market to the other and offer a wide variety of Christmas toys, gift items and more. There you will find local delicacies and abundant warm beer (grzaniec)! Of course, everywhere there are these candles that shine with our space and hearts. The big Christmas tree, the Santa Claus house, the ice rink and the small structures that host lab workshops for our young and old friends shape the right Christmas setting. See what we did and how we spent New Year’s Eve in Bucharest here.

christmas markets in europe

Wroclaw in Poland

When you think of “Destinations for Christmas” it will be difficult for Poland and even harder for Poland’s Wroclaw, right? However, Wrocław or Polish Wrocław is the fourth largest city in Poland and hosts a fabulous Christmas market. Wooden benches, local dishes that will break your nose, hot drinks (usually hot red wine) and thousands of little things you can buy. Maybe you can read about Market Square, which is the central Christmas market and has everything. Christmas trees, sweets, windmills and many decorative lights.

christmas markets in europe

Germany and the Christmas markets of Nuremberg

Germany has some of the most famous and complete Christmas markets all over the world. Christmas in Europe means Christmas in Nuremberg. Most of 180 stalls offer sweet and savory dishes, Christmas toys and small items. What to start with! In these Christmas markets you will find traditional sausages, nuts, the famous gingerbread and the most delicious hot wine. Everywhere there are festive bands. The most famous market is called Christkindlesmarket and is one of the oldest Christmas markets in Germany. This year’s opening will be on November 30th and will close on December 24th. Are you ready?

christmas markets in europe

Salzburg, Austria

There are not one, or two, or three, but fourteen Christmas markets throughout the Austrian city during the winter months. The Christmas market of the infant Jesus as we would translate it into Greek is the heart of the city and was first created in the 15th century. The market is located at the foot of the Hohensalzburg Castle in front of the Salzburg Cathedral. About 100 benches that have everything from food, Christmas candles, textiles, sweets, toys and jewelry.

The Mill of the Elves in Trikala, Greece

How could Greece and the famous Trikala be missing this list! The Greatest Christmas Market in Greece has been set up in the old “Matsopolos Mill” and it is really a place of joy and creation with lots of food and sweets. The Wagons of the World, the Santa Claus house, the fairy-tales of the Elves and many others make up the most joyous and festive setting. A Christmas market in Europe that you will love.

christmas markets in europe

So are you ready for Christmas markets in Europe?


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