Couples traveling? 5+1 tips to know beforehand!

Are you looking to find the best way to survive couples traveling? Do you love your friends and want to keep talking to them after your return? Have you chosen to travel with strangers and you are afraid of the coexistence with them for five days or more?

We had our own experiences of couples traveling

The truth is that we recently had a similar experience as we traveled to two European cities with two other couples. As you can imagine we were thinking a lot about it beforehand. There were thoughts on how we would organize it so that we could all go and have great time. Obviously, the last thing we wanted was to start any misunderstandings between us and spoil the whole trip. Fortunately, for us our friends were great traveling companions and everything went perfect. Shortly before we arrived at the airport to return we asked them what they thought about the experience of co – traveling. They shared their thoughts and these are what we think the key elements for success. Remember travel is all about teamwork.

Travel Couples Tip #1 Before the trip drink all together a coffee

Usually, before traveling, you are searching information about the place you are visiting. You locate the places that you do not want to lose but also those that did not catch your eye at first glance. Drinking a coffee with your co travelers is what you need. So, you will make a program that will contain if not all, the most. During your meet up you will see what every person wants from the trip. Other will seek for relax, other for having fun at clubs and others they live to visit the museums of the city. Organize it before and you are half way to succeed.

Travel Couples Tip #2 What about the budget?

Basic! Before you start organizing your trip. Even before you set off for the airport, it would be a good idea to have everyone clear not only the budget they have but also what they intend to spend.

Travel Couples Tip #3 Everyday is special!

At the end of every day, either you relax in the hotel lobby or in your favorite restaurant, discuss the next day’s program. Re-define your goals. Search along with the others maps, shops and hot spots of the city you want to discover. Besides why are you traveling? We hope for the tastes, experiences and feelings, just like we do.

Travel Couples Tip #4 Flexibility and freedom are two keywords that couples traveling bond together

Even when traveling with other couples you can have as much flexibility and freedom as you need to ensure that your pressure stays normal. With flexibility we mean, of course, that we can change the program according to conditions and mood. Good planning and organization is great but if something does not come as planned you can always modify it. Freedom to do what you desire by faithfully following your goals and endurance. It worked perfectly for half of us that chose the hotel for their noon rest while the others we were hunting hidden gems in the alleys. It was perfect and we all had a continous smile!

Travel Couples Tip #5 Set a meeting point

Does it sounds strange? Trust us not, especially if you are traveling abroad. Mobile without battery or not speaking the language and much more can happen on a trip. By defining your own meeting point you avoid the unpleasant ones.

Travel Couples Tip #6 Keep always a good mood and have fun

Sure, all of these elements can help you and your friends have a successful trip. The most important in couple traveling is your good mood and remember to have fun. A journey is full of moments and experiences. Make sure to create them and remember as happy and cheerful! Everything can go wrong. Everything can be overturned, and you just can not do anything. But what you always define is the way you treat them. Our advice is to make sure you enjoy it as much as possible.

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