48 hours in Bratislava

Bratislava is a destination that has begun to climb to the choices of travelers in recent years. To this fact a very helpful clue are the cheap air tickets combined with the fact that it is a breath away from both Greece and other European countries. Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and borders with other three countries Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

First time in Bratislava

We were in Bratislava at the end of November. We flew from Thessaloniki and the flight lasted only one hour and 50 minutes. From M. R Stefanik Airport we had booked a driver from booking.com and took us to the hotel. Luckily the airport from the city center is very close and so we did not get late to get on the streets.

Approved tip: You can get a daily ticket of 3.5 € and pay by card directly from the machine. There is also a choice for a three-day ticket at a cost of € 8.

Below you will find 12 different places to visit in Bratislava from cafes to narrow streets.

#1 Stroll around Danube

Danube is coming through Bratislava, in a setting that gives beauty in the city. On one side the old town and on the other you can see the new one. Something like Budapest. You can go from one end to the other via the New Bridge. Riverboats cross the river or straddle on the banks of the river, adding another great spectacle. The bitter cold of course did not allow us to walk along as much as we wanted. Perhaps next time.


#2 Michael’s Gate and the Zero Kilometer Spot

The Michael Gate is at the entrance of the old town and has a height of 51m. with seven floors and great views. The entrance to the tower is through the Museum of Arms. Ticket price is 4.50 €. Attention on Monday is closed. Right in the alley below the gate is the famous “zero kilometer” plate, which lists the distances of 29 capitals from Bratislava.

#3 Walk across Baštová Street

One of the narrowest streets of Bratislava, which leads you through the cobbled streets of the old town. We walked him and looked at the shops.

#4 Pán Králiček Priestor a place for locals

It is a small cafe that serves coffee and many sweet and savory delicacies. We ordered the famous Matcha latte tea, a hot chocolate and a juicy Kis Loreen with salmon and spinach. Prices are normal as we paid about ten euros.


#5 Slavin Monument

The Monument of Slavin is located on a hill in the city and the ascent to the area is quite strong, especially if it is snowing like the day we visited it. However, the route compensated us with the above. Well-crafted houses, dressed in white stairs and clean atmosphere, created the perfect backdrop. The best of all was the panoramic view of the city from the monument. The Slawin Monument is a huge cemetery of 6,845 Soviet soldiers who were “lost” during the liberation of the city in 1945.

#6 Coffee at FACH

If you want to enjoy your tea or coffee, a delicious sweet or even a light sandwich, then FACH is one of the must-go places that you should not miss. We were delighted with the interior. Everywhere there are pale colors while the arches on the walls make the environment even more friendly and warm.


#7 For delicious crepes at Palacinka Lacinka

Palacinka Lacinka is a very small shop that serves crepes filled with various materials. They are in the form of a roller and you can either get them in hand or sit at one of the few tables they have. It is also about one euro.

Approved tip: In addition to trams or buses, you can move around town using Taxify (similar to UBER). We paid just 5 € for a 15-minute trip.

#8 Walk in the old town and discover the Bratislava (bronze) Statues

You can reach the center of the old town by tram as it is very frequent and it serves all Slovaks and not only staying in the capital. The old town is particularly beautiful with colorful homes and with the characteristic Christmas market to attract walkers to drink hot wine with honey. Bratislava is also famous for the bronze statues scattered around the city. You can search for them as a game. Unfortunately, the most famous of them is the statue of the man who works, since it has recently been degraded.

#9 Cocktails at Michalská Cocktail Room

The secret bar of Bratislava awaits you to discover it. A REALLY INCREDIBLE space. To get to the shop you have to go through a café, climb the steps leading to the first floor, open two wardrobe shutters and sink into the interior. Are you in? Velvet sofas and armchairs, frames that travel you to another era and smells of the city’s finest cocktails.

#10 The Blue Church

It is one of the most curious and at the same time more attractive buildings in the city, reminding something of Gaudi in Barcelona. The Art Nouveau church looks beautiful, since both the façade and the decor have the color of the sky. The public hours are 17.30 – 19.00 and entrance is free.


#11 Visit the Grassalkovich Palace

The Grassalkovich Palace is built in Baroque style in 1760 and is located just one kilometer outside the Old Town, about 13 minutes walk. It functions as a presidential palace and is ideal for walking!

#12  UFO observatory and Novy Most Bridge

Crossing the Novy Most Bridge and passing from one side of the city to the other you will also find the entrance to the UFO. The castle, the Danube, the old town with its medieval buildings are all in your hands. The price to enter is 7.40 € per person. We chose to drink a hot tea and a beer (a curious combination) in the UFO’s restaurant and café overlooking the city.

Note: You can also visit the Devin Castle outside of Bratislava (about 50 minutes by bus). One tip before starting confirmed it is open. We arrived there and we found it closed.

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