5 must see places to visit this spring

March has already come in for good and with him brings sunny days and joy to the hearts of all of us! Mood swings up and the need for a getaway is just around the corner. We have identified 5 very different destinations for this spring.

Whether you are looking for a multi-day trip or a short weekend getaway, our choices will fascinate you!


Do you have the pleasure of visiting the Greek islands? Our Crete could not be missing out on the first destinations! A magical place, which in addition to summer is worth enjoying in the spring. Crete is known for its gorges, such as the famous gorge of Samaria, but also of Abbas, Tripiti and Kourtaliotiko. Its beautiful landscapes will leave you with your mouth open.

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Do you like tulips? The Netherlands is the ultimate destination for enjoying landscapes adorned with a color feast. Amsterdam is definitely a destination that many will choose, but we will suggest that you visit Eindhoven. Its green parks and impressive public gardens have ranked it in the pentad with the greener cities of the Netherlands. The city places great emphasis on energy policy and aesthetics, which is clearly evident from its buildings.

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A choice for a relaxing weekend in a not so tourist town of Italy with plenty of good food. It is a vibrant city that is so enchanting. The city is characterized by its towers, innumerable galleries and the red roofs of its buildings. If you choose it, you will realize that in this city it is as if time has stopped in the Middle Ages.

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Cluj – Napoca

In our opinion, Romania is one of the most beautiful European countries especially in the spring, due to its countless and green parks. We all know Bucharest, and we have been wonderful times in this place, but now we will go to Cluj. It is the second largest city in Romania and is constantly attracting new tourists. A city with a history of 2,000 years, friendly and intense multiculturalism due to the many students from all over the world who live there.

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Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A constantly growing tourist destination, a vibrant and vibrant city where you will enjoy every moment. The city is built along the river so you will inevitably remain speechless by the colorful traditional buildings that make up it. Do not forget is spring, so you will take your walk in Parque daCidade Park, which is of course the largest of the city.

5 must see places to visit this spring 5

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