Picking the right luggage for your trip

Whether you want to travel for a few days or for a week or a month, proper luggage plays an important role in the development of your journey. Personally, in recent years I have been traveling with a hand luggage and a specific leather backpack (Marianna’s gift). Nevertheless, the experiences I have gained give me the opportunity to suggest to you (under each paragraph you will find a link) various luggage depending on your trip and your needs. Let’s look at the luggage used by many travelers around the world.

Travel Backpacks 

Travel backpacks are slightly different than the average backpack. They have more space and pockets than a typical but fewer than those backpacks that all travelers use only to transport their things on a trip.


Backpacker Backpack

Such backpacks are suitable for travelers who want to have all their personal belongings with them. It’s the perfect backpack to take with you to the campsite and to a more alternative destination.


Carry – on luggages

It is the ideal choice for boarding planes without waiting for the extra cost surprise (depending on the company policy). If you choose to stay in the city it is the right luggage as the wheels will make you look great!


Big luggages

It’s the baggage that almost never misses a home. It is quite large and is given at check in. It is the perfect suitcase for a family since it will save many small luggage. If you are two or three people together is super!


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