How to organize clever low budget trips

After several trips and wanderings we learned that the preparation you will make long before traveling is the one that will determine the amount you are going to spend and in general the budget you will need. For us, low budget trips are a bet now and we are trying to organize our travels to such an extent as to control as accurately as possible the money we will spend!

We wrote 5 quick tips that we believe will help you do the same!

Put priorities on your expenses!

One of the most useful tips is to decide what kind of expenses you will make before you even visit your destination. For example, in what kind of hotel do you want to stay? Do you need luxury services like spa? Which restaurants do you want to know? If you are a fan of the museum you will have to decide which of these you will visit. Do you enjoy nightlife or do you prefer to spend your biggest budget on good food? The general rule here is that you need the basic expenses of a trip other than your stay and transport to meet your basic needs!

Set a daily budget!

Our main rule! Before you start your low budget trip, organize your every day and put in an order what would you like to discover from your new destination. For example, there are days when admission to museums or other cultural and artistic sites is free of charge. Choose to visit them then! Find the stores you want to eat or enjoy your drink and check if they have Happy Hour! All these tips will help you set a daily budget and not get away from it.

He chose to travel when the flights are really economic

We know that most people work and take a break from their job, is not the easiest thing to do! However, in the month you are traveling try to make more night shifts or to work on a holiday, it will make it easier for you to reach your goal! There are days when the ticket price is 40% cheaper. We apply it often! Find the cheapest tickets to SKYSCANNER and KIWI!

Overloaded luggage means unnecessary expenses!

Make sure you get what you really need! Also, check the baggage policy of the airline you choose. Before closing your ticket, make sure that there is baggage or hand luggage in the airline’s price and follow their policy in terms of weight and dimensions. Otherwise you might be expecting an unpleasant surprise at the airport.

Travel to Affordable Countries!

There are countries or even better cities that offer an affordable trip. Places that are not so popular nevertheless each have something special to offer you.

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