3 days in Warsaw

Our trip to Warsaw, the capital of Poland, will hardly forget it! Before we even land, in the air literally, we had the first unexpected! But these are not as important as the experiences we have gained and we do not see the time to share with you!

Warsaw, a vibrant city, welcomed us with very cold and refreshing air! We landed almost 7 in the afternoon and our favorite Uber served us by going to our hotel, the MDM Hotel! After we got settled we put on our food! Luckily the U Szwejka restaurant that we had chosen was incredibly close to our hotel. We enjoyed the traditional dishes, the cold meats and the huge Schnitzel, and then we walked around the same area to listen to the rhythm of the city. The time was already 11 o’clock in the evening and the bed called us as we wanted to have forces for the next day!

First Day of Exploration!

Palace of Culture and Science

After having a good breakfast, we dressed warmly with a cap, gloves, scarves and all that and we took the road to explore the city. The first station is the palace of Culture and Science, an imposing building with a height of 231 meters, which forces you to turn your eyes high. We paid the ticket 20 zlotys we climbed to the highest point you were allowed to admire the magnificent view!

view from palace of culture and science warsaw

The Palace of Culture

Warsaw Uprising Museum

The Warsaw Rebellion Museum is dedicated to the 1944 uprising of the city in the Second World War. Inside you will find objects of fighters, erotic letters, clothes and toys of children killed while you can watch the documentary presenting the time. The music and the marching sounds make you feel an awe for those people who have fought to be released.

Approved tips: Entry is free on Sundays! Of course you can meet many people and queue! Also, make sure you have 5 zloty in coins for the box that will leave your stuff.

The Old Town of Warsaw

We finished our tour in the museum and walked out to the Old Town. On the road we took pictures of the Copernicus statue and the Royal Castle of Warsaw, which is at the entrance to the Old Town. The shocking thing is that this fabulous area of ​​Warsaw was created just a few decades ago after being completely demolished in the 2nd World. Please note that it has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

old town warsaw poland view

The colorful Old Town

Sitting in the paved streets you really feel you’re starring in some magical work. The coloring of the buildings, the souvenir shops and the small windows of the houses give an incredible sense of joy and curiosity.

old town warsaw poland

The Old Town

Museum of History of Polish Jews or otherwise Polin

As you understood, our first day was dedicated to the museums! It is a modern museum with well-designed spaces. The exhibits that host show the welfare of the Warsaw Jews and how they co-existed with the rest of the residents before the terrible events of the war. It’s terrible the interactive material and the way it presents the Holocaust and the lives of Jews in the years of Communism. The entrance to the museum is 30 zlotys.

polin museum Warsaw poland

Polin Museum

Coffee, food and beer!

The order we usually follow when traveling!

Approved tips: Coffee Kafka is the perfect place to enjoy over your coffee and breakfast. It has a great variety of delicacies and unbelievable natural juices! To understand we were two times in this shop and we did not regret it at all. The Poles really enjoy the good coffee and show him to eat it with reverence. You will not have difficulty finding the place that suits you!

For traditional Polish food, visit Podwale and Kufle I Kapsle for unbelievable beer. All of these places are mostly locals!

2nd day of exploration

Lazienki Park

Lazenki Park is huge, clean and well-kept. It takes at least two hours of walking to get it back. The combination of the greenery, the lakes and the palace make it unique. If you are lucky you can also meet the shadows and the beautiful peacocks living inside. Local people prefer it either for a morning walk with their children or for reading in the magic of nature. It is definitely a place to visit when you come to Warsaw.

Approved tips: On that day we enjoyed cold drinks in the Relaks coffee. We then bought a daily card of 15 zlotys per person. Warsaw has a decent public transport system that serves you to see the whole city. You can get a card for 72 hours with only 36 zloty the person for zone 1.

park lazienki warsaw poland

The frozen lake of the park

park lazienki poland

At the Lazienki Park

Wilanow Palace

King Wilanow’s Palace is large enough and the interior reveals its intense laughter. It has beautiful gardens and a squared architecture. It is nice to visit, but we would not say that you will be enthralled.

Approved tips: Pretty before entering the gate there is a small cottage from where you get your tickets. Do not overdo it as you have to go back. The ticket is 20 zlotys the person for a part of the palace and the gardens. The best time to visit is definitely in the autumn or spring. You’ll need 5 zlotys again to leave your stuff. Also on Sunday is free!

Food and beer

Approved tips: Eat at great Stary Dom restaurant! Two steps next to the shop there is a sweet version, where you can find what a delicacy you think! For beer in Karma!

3rd day of exploration

River Vistula

Our third and last day started with a ride on the Vistula River, the longest and largest river in Poland!

vistula river warsaw poland

River Vistula

Copernicus Science Center

It was definitely one of the places we did not want to lose with nothing, yet we were not so lucky! The tickets were sold out until noon and we would risk losing our flight! The entrance is 30 zlotys.

Approved tips: Make sure to book a ticket a few days ago so you will not be disappointed like us!

Somehow we did so on foot in the Old Town, bought our souvenirs and a quick lunch at Meeting Point!

Our trip to Warsaw was fast enough but at the same time very full! We spoke to Poland after promising her that we would go back to meet her other beautiful cities! If you want more information for the places we visited for food an drinks click here!


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