Our trip to Warsaw was short, only three days after all, the gastronomic experiences we made were so good that we could not keep them just for us!

Stary Dom (http://www.restauracjastarydom.pl/stary-dom2)

Whatever we say about this restaurant will be little! For us it is one of the best restaurants we have visited in our so far excursions. This is a wonderful space decorated with wood while on all the tables there are fresh flowers. The staff are pleasant and ready to serve you. What makes it unique is its excellent quality food! Try Cepeliny potato as a starter! The specialty of the restaurant is the tartare, which is prepared by the chef in front of your eyes! We strongly recommend this! Prices must admit that they are quite prone to the average Warsaw shops.

Podwale (http://podwale25.pl/)

A traditional space beautifully decorated, with live music. The food is delicious while the portions are so large that you can not finish your dish with anything. We chose the traditional Pierogi with cheese and potatoes! The chicken was so juicy that it literally melted in our mouth while the chops had an incredible taste. Prices were at a normal level to the economy.

U Szwejka (http://uszwejka.pl/)

This particular restaurant is located in a quite central point of Warsaw. It is quite spacious and multilevel! The staff is dressed in traditional clothes and always pleased to serve you. It is an affordable choice for good quality food while well known for its huge portions. Especially for the delicious Schnitzel! It has a wide range of cold meats (some of which are incredibly spicy) and beer.

Did your appetite open ?!

Stay tuned with us because there is an article coming with all our experiences and approved tips from Warsaw.