Road trip to breathtaking Trikala Korinthias!

Ready for the road trip?

Trikala Korinthias is a breath away from Athens (just over two hours) and is ideal for mountain excursions. They are divided into three levels: Ano Trikala, Trikala Middle Quarter and Kato Trikala. The path as you go up is incredible because nature overwhelms every inch of land. Surrounding there are endless firs, pines and a vast expanse of lush mountains.

Car climbing is relatively easy, but many turns and oxygen change can make you stunned, so enjoy nature in peace! Beyond the mountains that embrace you and the nature that horrifies around you, you will have the chance to see wild horses and other animals that live freely in the area.

trikala korinthias nature

Zireia Plateau

Lake of Dasiou

The Dasiou Lake is encircled by the peaks of the complex Zheria and is formed by the waters flowing from them. Access is easy with the car especially if it is not snowy and it is enough to cross an easy dirt road that will lead you to the unique scenery that the lake offers! Oh, this Mountain Corinth, as you see it, is wonderful!

trikala korinthias lake dasiou

Walking by the Lake Dasiou

We continued our walk in Medieval Trikala by walking in the village and enjoying the view and the oxygen! The place is picturesque with stone houses and guest houses, with colorful shutters and lush green courtyards. The walk definitely opened our appetite and so we headed towards T’ agnanti

Are you in for good food?

Agnanti is a traditional tavern with a great view! Everywhere there are glasshouses and the environment is warm and friendly. There you will find some of the best meats both baked and red. Remember to always order the excellent pies. Prices are normal and parking. We chose large varieties of meat and we actually shot! Series has a hot chocolate!


The old school of the region has been transformed into a stone café with traditional and vintage decoration. The fireplace keeps you company while enjoying your hot chocolate or coffee! The café is called Owl and has parking and excellent views.

cafe koukouvagia trikala korinthias

At Owl Cafe

Trikala Korinthias, over one day, are naturally offered for more days of stay as you can find awesome traditional guesthouses for all tastes! Besides, the Ziria area also has a modern ski center, which you can visit.

Do not forget to send us that you have passed! We also expect your moments to be captured in unique photos.

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