Summer holidays in Poland | Gdynia or Sopot?

Our summer holidays in Poland and Gdańsk was followed by a one-day trip to the two seaside parts of Trójmiasto (Tricity) in Gdynia and Sopot. We started early enough in order to see as much as possible and enjoy these two parts. Both Gdynia and Sopot are offering great spots for summer holidays in Poland.

The city of Gdynia

Gdynia of Poland is a small town with a population of about two hundred and fifty thousand inhabitants. It has its own harbor and a large green area. We arrived by train from Gdansk (just 10 zlotys both) and we called an Uber to take us to the beach. We wanted to save time and it was the cheapest and quickest solution. In Poland Uber is very widespread and the Polish drivers are very friendly and willing to give you all the information you need.

summer holidays in Poland Gdynia

The first impression of Gdynia

From the very first moment we set our foot in the city we felt its own unique pulse. We felt the fresh and cool air and a sense of calmness and happiness. Big homes (villas we would say) in beautiful green neighborhoods. A world that walked casually with swimsuits and slippers.

The inhabitants of Gdynia play summer sports

A large beach with beach volleyball facilities, sand games and of course bars welcomed us. The locals as we have seen and love activities by the sea. Alongside the coast there is a long road full with trees. There you can walk, jog, do rollers, bicycle or whatever else you have in mind. Some people were doing a picnic on the lawn, others enjoyed the sun on a bench or even meditate. The sea on the other hand was a miracle! Quite warm for such a morning, but most of the people preferred walking and exercise on the sandy beach. Gdynia someone could say that it is the perfect city for summer holidays in Poland if you want a relative calm and a strong breath of oxygen.

summer holidays in Poland sea

Orlowo Park

It is the park that connects Gdynia with Sopot. You can walk and take advantage of the coolness it offers to move from one city to another. It is green and you can enjoy the sea at the same time. The distance you will need to walk is about thirty minutes walk. Before taking our way to Sopot, we relaxed at the beach bar on the beach, the Contrast Cafe. We drank homemade lemonade and fresh watermelon juice and started our walk on the coastal road. Unfortunately, we did not have the time to walk around the park so we called a Uber (we paid about 25 zlotys) to take us to Sopot.

Summer holidays in Poland – The city of Sopot

The city of Sopot, although located just a few kilometers away from Gdynia and Gdansk, differs significantly from these two cities. Flooded by people, young people and friends who enjoy their holidays and a plethora of tourists. Summer holidays in Poland and crazy situations await you in Sopot. It deserves the title of the tourist resort with intense nightlife and music. Here everything moves quickly and at its own pace. Laughs, voices and people dancing in every corner. If you want relaxation and tranquility Sopot is definitely not the place you are looking for.

summer holidays in Poland sopot

Walk to the wooden dock

Sopot has the longest wooden pier in Europe just over 500 meters in the bay of Gdansk. A ticket is required to enter it, which costs 8 zloty per person. It is worth visiting late in the afternoon to enjoy and immerse yourself in the wonderful sunset.

summer holidays in Poland pier

Just before we say goodbye to Sopot

We walked to Monte Street Casino, which was crowded with people. We lamented our feet with the white sand and enjoyed the strong sun. It was Saturday and the beach was so flooded with people that we literally did not find room to spread our towels. Finally we didn’t swim, we lived the pulse of the city, walking through its streets and squares. Summer holidays in Poland vs summer vacation in Greece, its a draw.

summer holidays in Poland pier 1

Of course, and we were hungry!

We ate in Pobitegary a wonderful cod and green salad!

Poland has beautiful treasures and you have nothing but to discover. We hope you started to want something from what we described.


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