5 free things you can do in New York

Home to iconic American landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, New York City is one of America’s top tourist destinations. People always grew up watching movies about Big Apple.  We visited this city and found some experiences that you can have totally free! New York has something unique that makes you feel really happy and joyful. The hustle and bustle of the city will make you realize why it’s called the city that never sleeps.

Walking down 5th Avenue, it’s easy to understand why people assume New York is outrageously expensive (it’s often true!). Celebrities, (we even saw Leonardo di Caprio walking down the street like any other tourist or New Yorker), Wall Street brokers and bankers. As tourists we tried to live in New York as a local and in a tight budget. So here are our suggestions for what to do for free in New York City.

Yes all these experiences are for FREE!

No #1 Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Looking back across the Brooklyn Bridge towards the Manhattan skyline is the best view you can get. Brooklyn Bridge is something that attracts not only tourists, but also New Yorkers who just can’t get enough of their own city.

Brooklyn Bridge

Walk down Brooklyn Bridge

No #2 Eat Your Way Through Chelsea Market (Food is not free)

New York is truly a foodie’s paradise. Nowhere else in the world can you have such a diverse selection of authentic, food at virtually any hour of the day.  In New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, Chelsea Market is one of the world’s most famous food markets. For a culinary experience on a budget, this is a great place for visitors to taste a bunch of different specialty cuisines without having to run all over the city.

No #3 Get Lost in Central Park

Central Park is a huge green park that we believe you can’t see it in a day of visiting. It is one of the most filmed locations in the world and is a feature of the city that no visitor should miss. If you only have a little time, head to the Bethesda Fountain and make your way over to Shakespeare’s garden for a stroll up to Belvedere Castle.

View of Central Park

View of Central Park

No #4 Have You Seen the Oculus

This landmark seems to fly under the radar, but is worth visiting for the architecture. The massive white structure appears like a similar building we have here in Athens, Greece that lies on OAKA Sports Center. The interior of the building is exceptionally white with lots of natural light. The Oculus is definitely one of those places that looks just as remarkable in person as it does in photos.


Don’t miss a chance to visit Oculus

No #5 911 Ground Zero

The sensation and the aura of the area that the Twin Towers fell is so heavy that you can feel the sorrow and regret for the loss of so many innocent people. Instead of the two towers, two incredibly large swimming pools have been built. You can read the names of the dead in the perimeter. In the Memorial Museum right next you will find objects, burned firefighting vehicles and the foundations of the towers. The best part is that it is free after 4pm, so take advantage of that and give it a shot.

Ground Zero

Looking at Ground Zero


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