Day trip to stunning Amynteo, Florina

A small paradise hidden in the southwest of the prefecture of Florina. Idyllic landscapes, great sunsets overlooking the lake and incredible food in the local restaurants.

We are confident that few know this place and even fewer have visited it. That’s why we are here! For us Amynteo was a pleasant surprise, we hope for you too.

Lake Vegoritida

Lake Vegoritida or otherwise Ostrovos is the diamond of the area! It is located at the borders of the prefectures of Pella, Florina and Kozani and has a length of more than 14 kilometers. Vegoritida is a large wetland, having recorded about 20 different species of fish within it. You can cross a piece of the perimeter by foot and find yourself next to the traditional boats with colorful designs. The beauty and tranquility that exudes when the sun sets causes unique feelings.

Day trip to stunning Amynteo, Florina 1


Amynteo is a relatively mountainous place because in many places you can enjoy its great rocks and the wild landscape. You can walk to its center and gaze at the traditional houses, while if you are hungry you can enjoy the traditional dishes at the Naoumidis restaurant, with its amazing lake view. Remember to order fish and pheasant of florin! Naummidis is located in the area of ​​Agios Panteleimonos, in Amynteo. A visit will justify you.

Day trip to stunning Amynteo, Florina 2

Alfa Winery

If Amyndeos is famous, it is definitely the vast areas of vineyards. It is home to Alpha Estate, one of the most famous winemaking units. It is worth visiting and experiencing an incredible guided tour of the plant and vineyards. The winery has received many distinctions and awards.

Day trip to stunning Amynteo, Florina 3

Still thinking about it? Amynteo awaits you!

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