Nymphaio is a traditional settlement that takes your breath away! It’s really about the glory of Florina for a hidden treasure. When you walk down the cobbled streets, you feel like you are in the alpine or in some of the most beautiful winter destinations in Switzerland. But no, you are Greece!

The settlement is built amphitheatrically on a slope and the buildings are harmoniously tied to each other both in coloring and appearance. Wherever you stand the view disables you, it brings you with it. You are not happy about the walk and exploration. Of course, it is only on foot when you are forbidden to cross the village by other means.

The view of the snowy trees on the surrounding slopes is like a painting as if a fairy tale unfolds in front of you! The snow embraces nature and gives it a white costume. So magically!

Nikeios School

A visit to the Nikeios School is required. It has a library and often hosts exhibitions and is a conference center of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The School is run by Arkturos and as a Bearing Information Center.


Walking in the forest of the shelter is a common activity for the visitors of Nymphaio, as long as they are not there in the winter months as the bears are asleep!

Traditional tastes

Time for a drink! The traditional Krana drink is produced by a plant that grows in the surrounding area and has a wonderful taste. Remember to get one for the house! Try the handmade chocolates, they are great! Especially with yoghurt!

The settlement has many hostels and places to eat! So you can be quiet that you will find the best! For your coffee we recommend Ati to enjoy your hot chocolate next to the fireplace and taste the wonderful mushroom pie!

The only sure thing is that we will visit Nymfaio and the spring months! Do you still think about it?