2 days in Washington, DC

Washington, the capital of the United States of America, is only 4 hours away from New York and home of the US government. The word Washington, as you will see, is accompanied by the DC suffix, which is attributed to the District of Columbia. Washington is a completely different city from New York. “It moves” in slow, sluggish rhythms. Everything is thoughtful and well structured. Clean, large and lined roads. Open and endless horizon. You will not find skyscrapers as long as you raise your eyes to the sky. Washington is a city that offers you quality of life, clean oxygen and a quiet everyday life.

What do you have to see?

Since our stay in Washington was just two days, we chose those sights that you should not miss!

The Capitol of the United States

The first stop is the Capitol of the United States of America, the part where Congress, the legislative body of the federal government resides. The whole structure is familiar to European monuments since it took it’s inspiration from Paris. The fresco on the roof of George Washington’s roof is work of the Greek painter Konstantinos Brumidis.

Capitol in Washington

The Capitol in Washington

Library of Congress

The Library is right behind Capitol and its entrance is free! The decoration is elaborated and this tour will not take you more than twenty minutes. There is an underground tunnel connecting the Capitol and the Library.

Smithsonian National Museum of Air and Space

This is the most visited museum in the US. It covers the modern flight history in space and moon while offering a unique knowledge experience for famous astronauts, aerospace and aircraft. Admission is free of charge.

White House

It is worth walking to Pennsylvania Avenue and Lafayette Square Park to admire the White House, home of the President of the United States of America. The Presidential House is more than 5,000 sq. Meters. and has 130 rooms. It is called White House due to the white color that is painted as it needs more than 2,000 liters of color. The Oval Office of the President steals the show! Unfortunately we did not manage to see it’s interior.

The White House in Washington

The White House in Washington

Washington Monument

The obelisk in the US capital, nearly 170 meters high. It is the tallest stone construction in the world and its made from granite, marble and flavor. The Washington memorial was built in memory of the first US President, George Washington, and is a magnificent and unique emblem of the US capital.

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument

National World War II Memorial

The path to the monument is particularly restful after you walk into a lush green area, where the squirrels are everywhere. There we met veterans, others alone, other accompanied by relatives or friends, who pay tribute to all those who fought and lost. The monument consists of a large area of ​​fountains, which give a special note. The emotions mixed when you meet the veterans’ memorial. If you get there, it’s worth seeing the Lincoln Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial was built in honor of 16th American President Abraham Lincoln. The building is particularly imposing with large stairs, while inside it there is the Statue of the President, which is incredibly large.

Lincoln Memorial in Washington

Lincoln Memorial

Cherry Blossom Trees

The area with cherries trees is undoubtedly the top meeting point in the spring season! In fact, festivals take place in March overlooking the beautiful pink color of the cherries. Unfortunately we did not see them blooming! Perhaps next time. However, the walk in the surrounding area is a wonder as it is  surrounded a green park and  a lake overlooking the Jefferson Monument.

What would you say now for some fun?

Area of ​​Georgetown

Georgetown is the heart of entertainment in Washington. The bright central street filled with food, drink and good shops gives a special note. If you have the time it is worth seeing the place in the light of day. We enjoyed our drink at Mr. Smith’s with his pianist company.


It goes without saying we will send you to the best!

Breakfast all day long, no matter how strange it sounds, at Florida Avenue Grill. We recommend Miss Bertha’s Special Menus. Prices are normal for the area, about $ 15 per person.

For authentic hot dog with Chili you must visit Ben’s Chili Bowl. For those who prefer something lighter, we recommend the juicy turkey burger. Here you will need about $ 20 for a good meal. The incredible thing is that the owner, who is about seventy years old, still helps on the shop. It’s just amazing!

For more Gourmet choices, Founding Farmers is the ideal destination. We chose chicken salad, eggs with a delicious filling, bolognese spaghetti and the Founding Farmers platter while we accompanied our food with their delicious cocktails. Prices here are a bit more pricy, about  50$ per person.


Just a quarter from downtown Washington you will find the Tanger Outlet, home to the most famous brands at incredible prices.

Approved tips

Our proven tips, the habit that you loved!

Since the hotels are quite expensive, we recommend that you stay at AirBnB’s accommodation. It will prove to be a much cheaper solution.

If you have an appetite for walking, it is advisable not to take the weekly subway card as it is quite expensive. It is worth taking the $ 2 card and charging it for 4-5 routes.

If your curious to see Washington from close then you only have to organize your next trip. Of course you can take all of our support! Find more photos on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.

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