Our newest experience with Airbnb!

There is always a first time…

The truth is that we were often tempted to choose Airbnb for our accommodation on the trips we organize from time to time. The final decision was taken when we had to visit beautiful Thessaloniki twice in a month!

We found the apartment quickly and at a very affordable price (just 30 euros per night) if you consider it was a penthouse and only 20 minutes walk away from the central part of the city. The exterior of the building disappointed us as well as its interior. All this until the door opened and the two men of the house welcomed us. They gave us a house tour, they showed us the little treats that were waiting for us in the fridge and handed us the keys. The best of all is that they made us the day with their good mood and their intense desire to serve us. Besides talking about all the sights we could visit in our passage, they answered all our questions, as to where to find good homemade food! For the house we will not say much! A newly refurbished apartment with modern décor and tremendous space comfort! A diamond in a dirty wrapper. If you want to know our own opinions about the positive and negative aspects of your stay with Airbnb, then you have to continue reading! And because we are positive people let’s start with what you will enjoy!

The positive side

a) The money is always an issue, so surely staying with Airbnb will offer you a lot of financial solutions.

b) If you love the warmth of a home, then take the opportunity to feel really wonderful in a friendly and intimate environment!

c) Are you afraid of the hotel check-in and check-out times? With Airbnb you can find more flexibility.

d) Live the town as a local! The hosts will surely know how to find out where you will find the best shops and hidden treasures of a town usually known by the locals.

e) Most of the time the hosts are quite friendly and helpful and why not you might develop a good friendship.

The negative things

Because all things have their negative side, so does the Airbnb accommodation!

a) First of all, the factor of security, since you will not be in a hotel that is controlled and protected.

b) The choice of various meals and bars obviously does not exist. You will definitely not have hot breakfast!

c) The small pleasures such as making a reservation on your behalf or calling a taxi!

d) Finally, it is possible to encounter problems in communicating with the host as well as encountering difficulties in the cleanliness of the space.

These from us! The choice is yours!

P.S. If you ever find yourself in Thessaloniki and you are interested in Airbnb you can send us to let you know where we are!


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