Why Rome should be your next destination!

Let’s go to Rome

Our trip began early in the morning, and we took our way to the airport. After we landed at Ciampino Airport, we headed for the shuttle bus that would take us to the metro station of Termini.

Approved tipsPrefer to take the round-trip ticket to save time and money

Around 9.30am we arrived at Hotel Relais6, a classy building set in a quiet and green neighborhood of Rome. We settled and went out to explore the treasures of the “Eternal City”.

What we so on Day 1

Villa Borghese

Our first stop is the Villa Borghese, which is a huge expanse of greenery and the Museum of Art in Rome. It hosts a large number of visitors daily who enjoy nature, walking or even their coffee. The pinnacle of the route is the view of Rome from above, which really captivates you. You will need at least an hour to walk the biggest part of it.

villa borghese rome

The beautiful park of Villa Borghese

Piazza del Popolo

Piazza del Popolo or else the People’s Square, a large square encircled by magnificent Baroque churches. The vertical streets lead to the busiest spots in the city. On streets that you can do your shopping or enjoy good Italian espresso. The most famous is Via dei Condotti with the most expensive brands in the world.

Piazza di Spagna

The most popular meeting point is the Spanish Steps, where a crowd of people sits and takes a breath of rest. John Lorenzo Bernini’s Fontana della Barcaccia fountain and the church just behind the stairs offer a wonderful picture.

Fontana di Trevi

A walk at the Trevi Fountain is worth it. The most famous fountain in Rome and Poseidon, the god of the sea, await you to discover them. Do not forget to throw your coin with your back turned to come back soon!

fontana di trevi roma

Fontana di Trevi in Rome


The Pantheon is a religious building, a Roman temple dedicated to all the ancient gods of Rome. Today, it is a Christian church that attracts many people. Its geometry and its unique dome impress the audience. Entry is free!

Piazza Navona

Navona Square is one of Rome’s most beautiful baroque squares, surrounded by restaurants, cafes and all kinds of traveling artists who entertain you with their music and artistic concerns. Of course, the fountains could not be missed

Where you should drink your coffee:

Since you are on this side of the city, you have a quick espresso on Cafe Greco. Prices are especially pricked so do not sit down, prefer the bar! Its decoration is a small wonder of luxury and classy finesse.

A second choice is the Sant Eustachio il café, which is located near the Pantheon. His coffee is amazing and strong enough. The Monachella drink is something special while its little sweets are delicious.

We also recommend La Casetta cafe!

Where you will eat the best tiramisu:

Pompi offers a great variety of tiramisu, which as advised by the shop people will have to consume them within the next half hour since they are fresh.

Day 2 starts! 


We spent most of our 2nd day in the Vatican. The Vatican, while being a stone’s throw from the center of Rome and accessible by metro, is a special country! It is a large area of museums, churches, squares, gardens, and attractions. It is the center of the Catholic Church and the seat of the Pope. It is worth visiting the Vatican Museums to admire works of inestimable value as St. Peter’s Basilica. If you look up from San Pietro you will see that the square is so made that looks like a hug, to show that the embrace of the Catholics is so great that it embraces all believers.

san pietro vaticano rome

Piazza San Pietro in Rome

Approved tips:

You should prefer to be there early in the morning and always after 9 am to buy your ticket. The queues are huge, better to visit it every day. Attention: Do not get a ticket from those on the street because you will pay much more expensive. The ticket price is normally € 16 per person. You can choose the acoustic tour, you will learn some pretty things.


Then we walked to the Gianicolo area to admire the magnificent view of Rome from above, to see the statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi and to walk to the beautiful little park, which in autumn is unique.

view of rome from gianicolo

The view of Rome from Gianicolo


A walk in the Trastevere neighborhoods is a must! Trastevere is located on the right bank of Tiber and is a quarter with cobbled streets, small souvenir shops, and colorful houses. It reminds of the Greek area of Plaka.

Approved tip Remember to enjoy your food and the famous caltsone with Nutella at Dar Poeta.

Follow the road to the Tiber, taste the sunset colors and head back to the Center.

tiber river rome

The sunset from the Tiber

Approved tip: Of course, and we ate ice cream in Rome! We propose gelateria Giliotti.

Day 3 our last day!

Vittorio Emanuele II

The National Monument of Vitorio Emmanuelle II is a white, voluminous marble building that immediately raises your attention. It is worthwhile to climb it up to the top and enjoy the view it offers. The two bronze statues of the goddess of Victory are unique. The interior houses the Museum dedicated to the history of the unification of Italy. Admission is free of charge.


The Colosseum was an amphitheater in Rome where the emperors held fights. It is an imposing building worth visiting.

colosseum rome

The Colosseum

Approved tip: Do not get your ticket from people outside the monument. You will pay for it much more expensive.

Roman Forum

Then follows the Roman Agora where the ruins embody the whole history of the city. You’ll need several hours to get it all.

Where will you be good:

Approved tips: The Vecchia Roma restaurant will excite you. You should definitely try Bucatini all’amatriciana Flambe. Prices are normal!

A second choice is the Pizzeria da Michele for an incredible Neapolitan track.

For coffee:

Approved tip: We recommend La Casetta cafe!

A special walk for us was a visit to Eataly, the IKEA of food. There you will find that your soul is asking for it. You can also taste various products either for free or for a fee. We ate a Panino con Porchetta!

If you are wondering why we did not mention the Italians’ favorite habit for Aperitif we will tell you that there is a separate article about the four top shops in Rome!

Watch the video from our visit to Rome and send us your feedback here.


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