3+1 places to enjoy your aperitivo in Rome

Aperitif is the favorite habit of the Italians. Daily enjoyment after a demanding day. This is a cocktail or a simple drink, usually accompanied by something edible. In Italy, of course, it surpasses every imagination! All our nights in Rome ended with the company of an aperitif and of course, we have to recommend the best!

Salotto 42 (http://salotto42.it/)

A small cute little shop in the most bustling neighborhood of Rome. It offers a variety of drinks and cocktails and serves various dishes with delicacies. What makes it special is the elegant decoration, the polite and stylish people that choose it and its friendly staff. Prices are normal about 10 euros per person.


Salotto 42

Fluid Cocktail & Wine Bar (https://www.facebook.com/fluideventi/)

A well-hidden shop in the streets of the center. It opens at 7 pm so make sure you are on time! It offers a wide range of drinks and usually has a cocktail of the day. The delicacies are really delightful. We enjoyed and recommend the homemade tiramisu! Here you can fill your dish as many times as you want with just about 10 euros!


Fluid Bar

Momart Restaurant Café (http://www.momartcafe.it/)

Momart is a wonderful place with a huge courtyard surrounded by lush green plants. It is located in a quiet area of Rome and the people who choose it are usually native. With just 11 euros per person, you enjoy your drink and fill your plate as many times as you want! It has a huge buffet for all tastes, for salty and sweet sins. A gastronomic paradise. Approved tip: Your second drink will cost only 6 euros!



Last but not least…

BlackMarket Art Gallery Monti (http://www.blackmarketartgallery.it/monti/)

Perhaps one of the unique bars in Rome. The decoration is completely eccentric, the furniture and the armchairs resemble another era. The staff is friendly without losing the opportunity to chat with you. You really feel at home! You will surely enjoy the large sofas and cool cocktails. Prices are a bit more pricey here, but it is worth spending both your money and your time. As for food, it does not have a great variety. Small burgers are great.

These of us! Good pleasure because it’s guaranteed!

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