7 tips you need to know for your trip in New York

Our trip to America and New York in particular has proven to be a special experience and taught us quite useful things for the next time we visit it.

Tip # No1 Load your batteries

It is well known but it may not have come to your attention that the sockets in US are different from those in most European countries. So you need a good adapter. Extra tip: Most likely it is also necessary to have a surge. Especially if you take pictures and videos using more than one electronic device!You will surely find a department store in New York to buy.

Tip # 2 Stay Connected

Make sure you get an American number (sim card) to be logged in throughout your trip. It has several voice and data packs that will surely cover your most demanding needs. The truth is that several moments of our trip we were in the unpleasant position of looking for a hot spot in New York City.

Tip # No3 Lost Body

The New York Metro is the fourth metro in the world. We are talking about a huge underground railway linking each side. The lines are chaotic, as is the amount of people that are using it every single day. It is a good idea to have downloaded the metro map on your cell phone. There are many options depending on your mobile software. For example, we downloaded NYC Subway application on our mobile. It’s available both apple store and google play store.

Tip # 4 Go to the suburbs

As you will already know, hotel prices  and all accommodations in general, are expensive in the city centre. New York has to offer some movie style suburbs that you will love. So we suggest you stay a little farther away, as the metro lines reach everywhere!

Tip # No5 Be careful not to get wet

The weather even in May was particularly unstable in New York. Although usually the day began with a sun then you needed a miraculous hand to put in your bag an umbrella or even a raincoat. We weren’t so lucky and during  our travel it was raining all day long.

Tip # 6 A sweatshirt a day the doctor will keep away 

This advice concerns you if you are gonna be in New York during the spring months. Whatever you have checked that the weather will be, we recommend you having at least one sweatshirt or a lightweight jacket in your baggage.

Tip # No7 Prepare for many miles

You are not an athletic guy, get ready to become. New York has so many places to see and for sure your feet might leave you on the way. Take a pair of athletic shoes with you and have a good mood for walking. For the females, yes girls you can still get a couple more don’t be oppressed!

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