10 must see places to visit in New York

Are you ready to visit the center of the world, as they are used to call New York? One thing is for sure that you will never get bored. Your choices are unlimited and we really do not know exactly how many days you have to stay there to feel that you’ve seen them all. We literally melted our shoes insole in order to fill up with experiences and be able to share them with you.

Let’s get started, the countdown for for  the 10 best places to visit!

No # 1: Times Square

It’s hard to describe the feeling we felt when we stepped up the Subway stairs to find ourselves in the “Crossroads of the World”, Times Square. Bright, huge inscriptions on all the skyscrapers, a world that went crazy from one place to another, artists of every kind trying to gather around them more and more tourists, shops that never close, and visitors who were stunned for a lifetime.

Times Square

Our first time in Times Square

The uniqueness of this area especially at night is that the bright lights make you lose the sense of time. Whether it was ten o’clock in the evening or morning, we couldn’t tell. We lived the moment like we were in a movie, it was unique. We walked the 7th Avenue and headed for Broadway, the district with the most popular theaters in the world.

For the history, Times Square has doubled in size quite recently and now reaches ten square kilometers.

No # 2: Central Park

An oxygen lung downtown Manhattan. We are talking about New York’s largest public park. You need a whole day to say I’ve discovered all of the best hidden secrets. It is certain that you will meet New Yorkers to jog, sit on the lawn, paint or just rest trying to eliminate the toxins of a big city. During your wandering, you will gaze at ponds, shadows and other animals, the outdoor amphitheater or Delacorte Theater, the historic carousel, bridges and more.

View of Central Park

View of Central Park

How many movies have been filmed there? How many romantic kisses have been given to Shakespeare’s garden?

We stood at Oak Bridge, which offers a unique view of the park and Manhattan. Did you know that Central Park has thirty-six bridges and arches?

No # 3: Metropolitan Art Museum

It is on the 5th Avenue, New York’s most famous avenue. It has over two million works of art from cultures around the world. Works of renowned houses decorate one of the most beautiful halls in the museum. While you are touring you will admire top-notch paintings, garments, armor and musical instruments. The Metropolitan Art Museum is one of the most important art museums in the world. The entrance ticket to the museum costs $ 25.

Approved tip: If you decide to visit it, long queues may discourage you from waiting, but we will tell you that waiting is tolerable. The queue goes fast and you will soon get inside.

No # 4: American Museum of Natural History

Approved tip: If you have to visit a museum in New York then this is the American Museum of Natural History. The entrance ticket to the museum costs $ 23.

It has 32 million exhibits, and its area includes 25 buildings linked together and 46 permanent exhibitions, research centers and its famous library. Inside, you see mammalian models from Africa, Asia and North America, a standard blue-whale model hovering in Ocean Life Hall. The spectacle is magical! But it’s not just them! In the museum there are extensive anthropological collections, exhibits of meteorites and fossils of mammals and dinosaurs.

Yes! You will see Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Watching the dinosaurs!

No # 5: Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center is a complex of 19 commercial buildings and has been designated as the National Historic Landmark since 1987. In this complex find the NBC TV Channel and the Radio City Music Hall, which is worth visiting. The culmination of our ride there was the enjoyment of all New York’s view of the top of the skyscraper, “Top of the Rock”. “Top of the Rock” consists of floors 67, 69 and 70 while its highest point is 260 meters above the road surface. We can say that the Empire State Building is worthy of competition.

Top of the Rock

View from the Top of the Rock

Approved tip: Waiting is long enough so you definitely have to get your ticket two hours earlier. The ticket price is $ 36 per person.

No # 6: Grand Central Station Terminal

It is one of the largest railway stations in New York. It dates from 1913 and is famous for the marble floors, the arches and the majestic decoration. The inscriptions in Greek and Latin letters give a special feeling. It is the emblematic station in the history of the city that marked the beginning of the period of train travel!

Together in Grand Central Terminal

Together in Grand Central Terminal

No # 7: New York Stock Exchange

The world’s largest stock exchange is on Wall Street, and just below is the “Charging Bull”, or Wall Street Bull or Bowling Green Bull. The “Attacked Taurus,” the famous statue of Arturo di Montica, is a bronze bull with which millions of visitors take a photo. Next to it, there is the statue of “Stupid Girl”, which was created as part of the campaign to increase the number of women on board of directors.

No # 8: Twins Towers Monument | 911 Ground Zero

The sensation and aura of the area that the Twin Towers fell is so heavy that you can not feel the sorrow and regret for the loss of so many innocent people. Instead of falling towers, two incredibly large swimming pools have been built while you can read the names of the deadly perimeters of these. In the Memorial Museum right next you will find objects of people, burned firefighting vehicles and even the foundations of the towers.

Approved tip: If you choose to visit this museum, the entrance from 4pm is free or you can give as many dollars as you wish.

No # 9: Liberty Island

Liberty Island is a small, uninhabited island, home to the Statue of Liberty. The statue is 93 meters high and the seven rays of the crown represent the seven seas and seven continents. You need about an hour to see it all and take the necessary photos. The view of Manhattan from the island is unique. The ferry boat ticket is free unless you want to get inside the statue where it costs around $ 18. Do not be afraid every half hour has a ferry boat. Patience in the queue!

Statue of Liberty

On our way to the Statue of Liberty

No # 10: Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the US and connects Manhattan to Brooklyn. The walk on the bridge is enjoyable and the view is stunning. There we drew some of the most beautiful photos of our trip.

New York left us with the best of impressions and it is certainly a lot that we did not get to see. We renewed our appointment with her.

Brooklyn Bridge

Dream came true, Brooklyn Bridge

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What do you say; Have we convinced you to visit New York? If you want to see tips on how to organize your trip over NYC click here!


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