First time traveler? 5 simple steps to follow!

You said it and finally did it! You bought your tickets for a holiday outside your country and you are officially a first time traveler. Are you anxious to discover the destination you chose? Do not panic we will give you some tips to feel comfortable as a local!

First time traveler!

Νο #1 Make a research before you go

Try to find the shops where you can find local tastes before your trip. For example family owned restaurants. Trust us its a great value to experience the everyday life of a city as the locals do.

first time traveler


Approved tip 1: The restaurants and the shops outside the main streets tend to be cheaper!

Approved tip 2: Restaurants with big pictures on the menu are usually tourists trap which means the quality is low and prices are slightly up.

Νο #2 Talk with the locals

Don’t be ashamed and talk to the locals. There is no better way to discover a destination than to chat and meet the city’s residents.

From our experience, we can say that almost everyone who came into contact with us seemed willing to tell and suggest us places that the locals visit frequently.

Νο #3 Learn some key words of their language

Learning some local words and phrases will make it easier for you to talk and break the ice with the locals. By making an effort to communicate in their native language, it will be easier to learn what you want!

Νο #4 Wake up early

Okay we know it’s holidays, but you are a first time traveler and we suggest starting your day early. We usually  depart around 8 am from our hotel. It is crusial to make the most of your days when traveling. The more time you have in the day so many more activities you will be able to enjoy!

Νο #5  Stay safe

We want to emphasize at this point because we are now seeing the evolution of social media in our lives and their influence. Do not be pressured to do risky things that some travelers do, just to win some followers. Try to be unique and to love the trips and experiences you offer.

Νο #6 Bonus tip – Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can save you literally but also save you money while traveling. We recommend WorldNomads, use it and love it because it will take care of you when and if it is necessary. It goes without saying that it does not necessarily mean that you are in danger every time you travel, yet we believe we must be as cautious and provident as possible.


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