Hammam Baths experience the hammer tradition in Athens

In the wake of a demanding week and while the World Cup final was on, I had the opportunity to enjoy (solo) the most authentic hammam experience.  Hammam Baths is located in the center of Athens in the Thiseio area. A place that travels you to parts of the east and leaves you with a sweet taste of pleasure. Come on board for the Hammam Baths experience.

Let’s take the things from the beginning! My reservation was for the 6th of the July. I appeared a little earlier to settle before enjoying the ultimate wellness Hammam Baths experience has to offer. At the entrance, I was welcomed by the staff and went inside. She accompanied me with a smile and had the patience to take me some pictures in order to show you this experience.

Approved tips

#1 It is a good idea to have a swimsuit, preferably bikini and a shorts for men.

#2 Girls remove your makeup. Allow all the pores of your skin to breathe and feel the wellness.

The space is more than pleasing! It is what we call hospitable, authentic and beautifully designed. I went upstairs, left my stuff locked in my personal box. I wore my bathing suit and the traditional cotton towel and went down to the reception area. I spent a few minutes there before lying on the healing properties of the steam and the steam bath.

Hammam Baths experience | Waiting room

The Hammam Baths experience for relaxation and wellness starts somewhere here!

At first I was left in an steam bath for about 30 minutes emptying my mind and letting myself enjoy the qualities of this “hot” experience. I almost fell asleep on the round marble space in the middle of the hamam.

Fortunately, the Hammam Baths policy requires up to six people to be part of the steam room. This ensures you have a qualitative and somewhat personal experience.

The experienced staff of Hammam Baths

Then the experienced staff leads you to an area with two marble “long” beds, and there you go beyond any expectation you had before visiting the area. Why; Only if you decide to live this relaxing experience will you feel what I will describe.

With gentle and careful movements, the masseur begins with peeling and massage all over your body (from the top to the nails). You feel the velvet skin as it uses foam from natural olive oil soap. The washing and the massage of the head that is done in the end is one touch of relaxation and wellness. Traditional music and low lighting travel you to magical paradises where only your imagination can lead you.

Hammam Baths experience | μασαζ

At the same time, both male and female masseurs are in place, which I think is very convenient for someone who feels comfortable with one of the two.

Then you can stay in the hamam by continuing your steam bath and letting your body return to its normal rhythm. The experience is completed in the lounge with tea and traditional loukoumia.

Hammam Baths experience | Tea and relax

Hammam Baths experience | hospitality

Approved tips

#3 Experience the excellent body and face creams provided for free at the beauty parlor!

Clearly the experience of the steam bath left me more than satisfied, giving the promise to myself that she would return very soon with Christos my company. Of course, there is a plethora of services that you can combine or even donate to your loved ones.

Visit the official Hammam Baths experience in their website and find the service that suits you at http://www.hammam.gr/ in Athens and Thessaloniki.

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