48 hours in Bucharest

The choice for this trip was not accidental. In the past, we had again selected Romania as a destination and left us with mixed feelings (read more here). The reason why we came back was to spend the anniversary of our two years on Romania’s tropical paradise, Therme Bucharest Park, which we did not manage to see on our first visit (you will learn why later!)

A trip for our second anniversary

This trip is from those Christos is arranging without even asking me but because of the special reason, I did not say a word! We landed around nine in the morning and headed for our hotel. We had a room at the Rin Hotel in 10 minutes. We took the necessary and called a taxi through Uber (here you will find a discount for your first route) to take us to the park of wellness and relaxation.
We arrived at Therme with a joy, with an impatience, you do not imagine! Our daily routine was exhausting and this trip was what we needed! We paid the tickets (less than 40 euros and the two), we got the necessary equipment, bathrobes, entrance wristbands and keys for our personal wardrobe and we started out with the experience of a spa.

therme bucharest

One of the pools of Therme Bucuresti

Therme Bucharest Park Experience

We spent three hours doing sauna, swimming in the pools and trying out the waterslides (without the great success of course). We think three hours are ok in order to see all the things there and without getting tired. A wonderful experience worth enjoying.

therme spa

Tropical climate within the palm trees

Quick tips

· Make sure you have your own bathing suit! The park does not allow you to buy or borrow (something we didn’t know the first time and we did not manage to get in).
·Prefer to be there before twelve to avoid queues. Romania has no sea and for most, it is the only part of dew.
· Taxies in Romania is so cheap. Especially with Uber,  you can go everywhere.
· You do not need to take public transport although the tickets are cheap, the costs will be the same as traveling by taxi. You’ll just be more comfortable!
· Put a belt! They drive like crazy!

Walk around the city

After the natural relaxation paradise, we decided to take a quick stroll through the city center and eat something. Once again choosing the taxi as a means of transport we were in the city center in 20 minutes. We walked on the paved streets, the big boulevards, looked out the store windows and in the end, everything led us to our favorite food restaurant, Caru cu Bere. A magnificent building with wooden decoration and important history. Built-in 1898 in neo-gothic style. There you will find waiters dressed in traditional costumes and if you are lucky you will listen to live traditional music with their respective dancers. Happy and with good mood, we returned early to the hotel to have the strength for the next day!

Second Day in Bucharest

We woke up early, took our breakfast at the hotel and called for a taxi to Tineretului Park. In Bucharest, we have to tell you that there are some of the finest parks we have ever seen. Full of green, lakes, and people of all ages walking around. Less than half an hour we left the taxi and traveled through the park. Quite large with a huge pond in the middle and many cyclists around. Though it was quite an early morning, there was intense movement from people who did jogging, yoga or simply sunbathing. The park, however, was not the cleanest and nicer we had ever visited in Bucharest, the Paris of the Balkans as they say. It is offered for a beautiful walk, but also for events as it has many large and open spaces.
But this morning we made a bet to walk as much as we can. Take advantage of our day! So we started for the next park we would see, Carol Park.

Our walk to Carol Park

The park was named after King Carol I of Romania. The mausoleum and the monument of the unknown soldier give the park another historical gravity that has its roots in communism. Carol Park really is a breath of dew in the hot summer sun. Everywhere there are flowers, tall trees, and benches that you can rest. Particularly well-groomed, clean and safe for a ride with your family.

Coffee and then off to Cismigiu Gardens

The truth is that walking had tired us a bit and we definitely needed something to drink. We made a stop at Starbucks and stayed there for less than two hours. Equal to avoid the high temperatures of midday and then again in the streets! We started for the Cismigiu Park. One of my favorites, green, colorful and with a cute lake in the middle. You can do boating too!


Cismigiu Gardens

Late in the afternoon, we enjoyed our dinner at Caru cu Bere, which has become our hangout now! Then we took the road to the hotel and then straight to the airport. A unique weekend was coming to an end.


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