Vienna | 5 reasons to visit in Christmas

Vienna is a pole of attraction for many tourists, especially during Christmas period. Cheerful melodies and candles and decorated with large red balls create the ultimate Christmas setting. The capital of Austria is admittedly the center of culture and art. Museums, works of art, palaces and aristocratic buildings are some of the elements that make up the canva of the city. We spent two nights in Vienna and truth is that we enjoyed it very much even though the cold was unbelievable.

#1 Vienna and the Christmas Markets

Wherever you are in town, surely you will meet many of the famous Christmas markets. 22 in the number particurarly scattered throughout Vienna waiting to be discovered. Our favorite one was the one on Rathausplatz. The Neo-Gothic Town Hall and more than 150 wooden benches create a magical atmosphere. The smells of cooked sausages, colorful chocolate bowls and the traditional Strudel, dance soberly in front of your eyes. If you want, you can also drink the hot wine flowing abundantly in every market. We, couldn’t resist, as always! Some people even enjoyed ice-skating at one of the biggest skating parks in the city. Another Christmas market is Naschmarkt. It is the most famous market in Vienna, and it is about 1.5 km long. There you can buy from vegetables and fruits to paintings and art. It is a good opportunity to choose souvenirs at very low prices.

Vienna Christmas markets

#2 Visit to St. Stephen’s Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Stephen is the metropolitan church of Vienna located in the city center. Undoubtedly one of the sights that you must see. Its colorful, mosaic roof and its huge size are the things that will amaze you. Admission is free of charge for the main room. To see the catacombs and towers you will have to pay a ticket at around € 5.50. The church is located in Stephansplatz, one of Vienna’s most crowded places.


#3 Stroll around Kartner Street  

Vienna, among other things, is also famous for the glamorous shops that showcase many of the most famous brands in the world. Kartner Street is home to luxury shops and some of the most exciting consumer experiences. Well-dressed people passing by, families enjoying their walk with their children, looking at the creations of well-known designers.

#4 Visiting Hundertwasser – Kunst Haus Wien Museum

Kunst Haus Wien was founded by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, one of the most important Austrian artists of the twentieth century. The Hundertwasser Museum presents the world’s largest collection of prints, wallpapers, and architectural designs. It is also the first “green museum” in Vienna.

Hundertwasser - Kunst Haus Wien Museum

#5 The beautiful Schönbrunn Palace

It is one of Europe’s most important and historic palaces. Millions of visitors are visiting Habsburg’s summer home every year. The buildings and gardens of the palace gives a taste from the glory of Austro-Hungarian Empire. Entrance is at 14,20 €. Just before we left the palace, we decided to look closely at how you can make the traditional Viennese sweet, Strudel. The duration of the show was 20 minutes and the cost of 6 € (the price includes a sweet for testing).

Schönbrunn Palace

In Vienna we tasted amazing food! You can find our top selections for you here.


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