A visit to Szechenyi Baths

Last December we made a very beautiful trip to Budapest. One of the activities we enjoyed and would definitely try again was the Szechenyi Baths. Budapest has many spas that you should definitely visit. We checked every single one and chose to go to Szechenyi Baths. It is the most famous and one of the oldest in Budapest.

Why visit Szechenyi Baths

Budapest’s hot springs are famous all over the world. If you visit the city and don’t go, then your journey is not complete. You have to spend an afternoon relaxing in at least one of the baths. You will enjoy a unique experience, which if combined with a trip during winter, will be unforgettable. The difference in temperature outside and inside the baths will surely relax you after an exhausting day in the city.

Szechenyi Baths

What should I bring with me?

During your visit to the Szechenyi baths you will need bathing suits, towels, flip flops and everything else you need to feel comfortable. We also recommend a waterproof case for your cellphone to immerse yourself in the moment. All of the above are provided by Szechenyi baths however as you can easily understand they are chargeable.

Let’s talk about Szechenyi baths

The baths are located in the center of City Park. They are the most popular baths in Budapest. The huge complex consists of three large, outdoor pools, as well as many indoor pools with different temperatures.

When we visited the Szechenyi baths, it was Thursday afternoon and it had a lot of people. Surely if you go on the weekend there will be an incredible crowd as there is an increased traffic of locals enjoying its amenities.

Szechenyi Baths

We recommend renting cabins and not just cabinets. This way you can easily change and go out into the city to explore.

Tickets can be bought from the Szechenyi baths or from your hotel at exactly the same price. We gave 6100 HUF = 20 euros for one cabin. (The price for the weekend is higher). See the exchange here.

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