Varna, the summer capital of Bulgaria

Varna is the tourist resort of Bulgaria and the third largest city after Sofia and Plovdiv. It combines green and sea on a very long coastline. In its historic center you will find buildings of exquisite architecture and people roaming around. But let’s get to know her better!

Varna Theatre

How to get to Varna

Varna has its own airport, so an easy way is to fly there. We chose to drive from Alexandroupolis. Driving is about 6.30 hours. We literally haven’t traveled so many hours through endless stretches of green. The road is in relatively good condition. The villages you pass through have a strong element of abandonment. As if time has stopped for them. However, you can better understand the characteristics of this country. This in itself is unique. As well as the lifestyle of the locals in the Bulgarian villages.

Tips for your road trip

# 1 Green Card to Cross Borders (printed on green paper)

# 2 Passport or ID

# 3 You can refuel as soon as you enter the country (prices are extremely low)

# 4 You must get your toll card. In Bulgaria the toll system does not operate as in Greece. What you will need to do is take out the card for a week (depending on how long you stay). You pay the equivalent amount around € 7.5 for all days.

# 5 It is good to have drinks or soft drinks with you and something to snack on the go. Unfortunately there are not many large station centers for rest and other needs!

# 6 Always have your lights on. In Bulgaria they drive with lights open day and night

# 7 You have no priority when you enter the roundabouts! Caution!

Where to stay in Varna

Just 15 minutes’ drive from the Center of Varna lies St. Constantine and Helena Resort (Resort of Saint Constantine and Helen). It is an officially recognized Black Sea resort. It has star hotels, stadiums, restaurants, liquor stores, supermarkets, church and many more. It is a quiet area to the north of the city amidst the green. If you have an appetite you can take it on foot! We stayed at the Romance Splendid and SPA hotel.

Varna’ s seaside

Varna is wet as we said from the Black Sea. The sea is shallow and the coast sandy. What impressed us was the huge expanse of white sand. Most days it was a tide so we enjoyed the dives as little kids! The most famous bathing areas in Varna are the Golden Sands Beaches and the beach along the Sea Garden! You have plenty of beach bars for both cocktails and food!

Varna sea

What worths seeing

  • Alaja Monastery
  • The Sea Garden
  • Cathedral
  • Stone Forest
  • The Singing Fountains
  • Roman Thermae
  • Retro Museum
  • The phenomenon of the rocks “The Wonderful Rocks” (Asparuhovo village)
  • Euxinograd Royal Summer Palace
  • Old Town and Varna Theater
  • Nessebar

Roman thermae varna

Aladza Monastery

Are you in love with Bulgaria’s summer resort

Our overall experience in Varna left us only a good impression. It is a city of great interest and of great historical value. Here’s an article on the best restaurants in the city.

Our unique experience from Varna through pictures and videos

Varna old city



  1. 04/10/2019 / 01:42

    Varna looks amazing! It’s been on my list for a while, I can’t wait to go one day. Bulgaria has always fascinated me and I love that it’s off the beaten path!

    • greeknomads
      07/10/2019 / 08:16

      Thank you very much for your comment. Varna is an amazing place to have your summer vacations. Everything is like you say off the beaten path. It combines modern, authenticity and cheap (financially speaking) place to visit. When you visit don’t forget to tag us!!! Have a good one.

  2. 30/10/2019 / 20:44

    Thanks for this amazing travel guide.. I was planning to visit this place next month.. Now this guide will definitely help me a lot..

    • greeknomads
      04/11/2019 / 16:03

      Thank you very much for your comment. Hope you will enjoy your trip there. We loved our holidays there and we are sure you will do too. Don’t forget to mention us on your Instagram stories. Have a good one!!!

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