When we first saw Tesalate towels, we said is this for real? We live in Greece and guess what we have in our country. A lot of beaches and tons of sand! If this is real, we have solved a big problem. Coming home or our hotel room from the beach with all this sand on our towels. Have you ever had the same problem?

Are Tesalate sand-free towels?

So now comes the main question. Are they really what they say they are, Sand free? Trust it’s a huge YES! The towels are made with AbsorbLite™ microfiber (80% polyester + 20% polyamide), a fabric specifically engineered to stop the sand from sticking. The sand doesn’t stick to the fabric and comes off easily. Even when wet, if you give the towel a good shake, most of the sand quickly falls off. Of course, this doesn’t stop the sand from getting on your towel in the first place but being able to quickly shake it off is pretty awesome.

Is their size travel compact?

The lightweight material that are made from means that the towels roll up into a compact size to fit into your bags. Their full-sized beach towel is 160cm x 80cm / 63 x 31 inches. They are super absorbent and can retain up to a litre of water and are also engineered to dry in half the time of regular towels. Tesalate towels have a double-sided graphic design in order for you to use any side you want.


In conclusion this really may be the best travel towel ever! Tesalate have created the ideal lightweight towel for your carry-on adventures. The Tesalate towel is a great, high-quality product and we would definitely recommend it. We mostly really liked the fact that we didn’t bring so much sand back into our room after a day on the beach.

We personally find the towels really pretty too, and with so many designs that you don’t know which one to select. Being from Greece with all this sand we can only thank Tesalate for such an amazing and innovative product. Not only pretty but compact size, sand free and quick dry makes them unbeatable. This summer is going to be so much different for us. We welcome you to follow us on our social media as we will test even harder these towels and come back with some treats for you. Stay tuned!

Full disclosure: Tesalate selected our travel blog and were kind enough to send us a complimentary sand free beach towel for us to try. Since we are two, we picked the Into the Wild for two design. We do only accept to promote brands that their products fit in our blog and we couldn’t miss this one. So, from us it’s a huge YES!

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