Day-trip in Adrianople (Edirne)

Adrianople or Edirne (in Turkish) lies on the border with Greece and Bulgaria. Its historical significance has distinguished it among other major cities of the neighboring country. We loved the narrow streets and the countless shops we found in the downtown markets.

How will you go in Adrianople

The easiest way is by road. Cross the borders from Kastanies in Evros. About 95 kilometers from Alexandroupolis. The road is pretty good since we are talking about highway. The route is in a green scenery and endless areas with sunflowers (in summer).

# 1 To cross the border you must have either your ID or passport and a green card for your car or motorcycle. For a green card, you have to get it from your insurance.

# 2 If you want to leave your vehicle at the customs office there is a parking lot right next to it. Then, after passing the check you will walk about 5 minutes to the Turkish Customs. There you will take a taxi to the city center. The route is about 15 minutes. It costs 5 euros or 30 Turkish liras.

Approved tips:

It is good to have your green card printed on green paper. You may not be accepted if it is printed on plain white paper.

In duty free you can buy whatever you want only when you leave the country and while your return to Greece.

Where to exchange your money in Adrianople (Edirne)

Usually the taxi leaves you at the entrance of the old town. There you will find exchange shops. The ratio is 1 to 6. (1 euro for 6 liras). At the same point you can change the Turkish liras to euro at your departure.

What to see in Edirne

The historic city center brings together all the sights and points of interest worth visiting. So you can walk it comfortably and easily.

The Selimiye Mosque is the diamond of the city

Impressively stands on her hill. It is certain that your eyes will fall on him as its minarets exceed 70 meters. The Ottoman mosque was built at the command of Sultan Selim II by the famous Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan between 1569-1575. The statue of the architect is outside the mosque. It is a monument of Islamic architecture, protected by UNESCO. The mosque surrounds a lush rose garden. Admission is free and is open daily except Mondays.


Walk around the main pedestrian road Saraclar Caddesi

There, you’ll love the endless shops. The little shops with local specialties. The fountains, pastry shops with sweets full with Baklava with pistachio or walnut. The retailers who sell their stuff. The galleries for your shopping. Outdoor markets. The sounds of traditional songs. A journey of oriental complexion.

The Grand Synagogue of Adrianople

In the 19th century, Edirne had 13 synagogues, which were destroyed in a major fire in 1905. The Great Synagogue was built by a French architect.

The Grand Synagogue

Stroll at Ali Pasa market

It is located next to Saraclar Caddesi. All the goodies gathered! Clothes, linen, shoes, flowers, spices. Everything you ask for will be found there! It is usually crowded. Remember that bargaining is a must!

Shopping at Margi Mall

The brand new outlet is located 10 minutes from the city center. You can do your shopping at quite affordable prices. Eat or enjoy your coffee. Your alternative is the Erasta Mall which is a few meters below.


Where to eat in Adrianope

Niyazi Usta is centrally located and offers local delicacies. We tried the roasted meatballs (köfteci) and the fried liver (ciger), served in thin slices. Together, they serve onions, tomatoes, a red hot sauce and peppers. We also ordered the traditional bean salad while drinking soda and water. For all this we paid about 11 euros. The locals are used to drink sour milk (called aryan) along with their food


Where to drink traditional Turkish tea

At 3K Café we enjoyed Turkish tea and lemonade along with two waters! We paid 2 euros! Of course you can order food or sweets! It’s a colorful place!

Baklava for sure!!!

In the city center there are many shops serving or packing the famous baklava! We ate at Gururoglu. Heavenly!

Summing up our day trip to Edirne

Surely Adrianople is a city we will visit again to see all that we missed! Yes, it has won us without missing the contradictions. As you move away from the center you will find old houses and neglected areas. All with their own interest!

If you liked Adrianople we are here to make your trip easier!


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