6+1 things to do in Edinburgh

Castles, rivers, underground buried cities, good-looking buildings are some of the words that came to mind when writing this article. Edinburgh and his magic dragged us into fairy-tale streets. The shops in the center were packed by tourists who rushed to buy anything they found in plaid fabric. The well-known Butter Cookies “ShortBread” was a hit. The capital of Scotland really has so many things to do and other places to visit without paying a pound. Let’s see together what we chose!


Νο #1 Morning walk at Calton Hill

Calton Hill is very close to Edinburgh city center. We decided to climb him in the morning to listen calmly to what he had to offer us. We will not hide that the ascent was somewhat tiring because it had several steps and a steep uphill. As it is customary to say all the nice things require pain. In this case, the view compensated us. We were lucky enough to experience it with great weather. It was the first day of the year and the sun was nice and hot (for UK levels) and gave us an incredible mood. At the highest point of the hill you will find the National Monument of Scotland. For his sake, Edinburgh has been named North Athens as it looks amazingly to the Parthenon. Somewhere there you will also see the Nelson Monument and the Dugald Stewart Monument. The hill allows for a 360-degree goddess of the city.


Νο #2 Free tours in Edinbrugh 

One of our most beautiful moments in Edinburgh was a guided tour with the most wonderful tour guide, David from Australia. Together we walked all over the center, climbed up the castle, crossed the Royal Mile and learned the most creepy stories about Edinburgh city and its people turning back hundreds of years. David was excellent and gave us all the information every tourist needs. We met Bobby dog ​​and completed the guided tour on the Grayfriars Kirk Cemetery after two hours. If you are wondering if there is a break? The answer is yes! Somewhere in the middle of the road, we stopped for about 15 minutes. Of course, there is no cost for the tour but if you like it and you want to thank your guide you can give him as many pounds as you want.

Edindburgh Free tours

Νο #3 Stroll around Old Town

The old town of Edinburgh is a dream. Good and bad together. Full stories of mystery, wild torture, bridges that hosted the poor. On the other hand the medieval buildings, the colorful streets and the sound of the bagpipes made us want to stop time. Edinburgh is a city with great history and great culture. A city in which science, philosophy, art and literature flourished. We walked to Grassmarket that hosts the city’s nightlife and George Street, full of shops and shops.

Νο #4 Visit the National Museum of Scotland

The Scottish National Museum is one of the most interactive museums we have visited so far. Ideal for children as well. Two hours we traveled from one exposure to the other. We also played and learned about science, mammals, their height, art, fashion and every kind of culture. A journey of exploration and fun together. The particular museum, which opened its doors for the first time to the public in 1866, houses more than 8,000 objects. It has seven different levels and is one of the most important museums in the world. Numerous tourists visit it every year. Entrance is free!

Edinburgh National Museum of Scotland

Νο #5 Dean Village

A lush paradise just outside Edinburgh city center. You can reach it on foot (just 30 minutes walk) via Princes Street. The area crosses the river Leith. Small bridges, traditional houses and narrow streets create the perfect scenery. Dean Village exudes tranquility as the only sound you hear is from the streams. Our walk there was a journey back to time that worths living for you too.

Νο #6 Visit to the National Gallery of Scotland

The Scottish National Gallery, opened to the public in 1889, is one of Edinburgh’s most remarkable buildings. Inside it hosts works by young artists, as well as paintings with the heroes of Scotland. The large stairs with the red carpet and the decoration with the frescoes give a touch of glamor to the space. Entrance is free!

Νο #7 Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh

A walk in the green and calmness, away from the noise of the city. The ideal retreat to get strong doses of oxygen. There are over  34,000 plants that grow there. The entrance is free for the main garden and you can pay about 8 euros to visit the glasshouse. The Botanical Garden has rooms for hosting events while during the festive days are decorated with magnificent candles.

Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens

Tell us are you already preparing a suitcase for Edinburgh? Stay tuned as there are other super articles coming soon.


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