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We are Christos and Marianna, or Greeknomads. A couple living to plan their next destination! From the very first day of our “closest” acquaintance, the debate that monopolized the interest was our need and our shared love for travel! You know … the trips that give you unique experiences and unlimited happiness in your life. Places with culture and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. We explore every corner of the earth by finding the places that a local would choose and spend his time. Enjoy, as a local they say, even with a limited budget! The biggest bet for us is to transmit you all the benefits of traveling! Joy, Happiness, Love, Experiences! Live your TravelMyth with #GreekNomads!

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Discover our experiences and travel with us all over the world! Here you will find ideas on where to go, what to do and see in the city you visit as if you were a native!

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